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Paul asks…

Is there any good free poker odd calculators that work with pokerstars?

admin answers:

I find it pretty useful.

Susan asks…

I play on a free poker site and am trying to learn more about odds on my hand against other people’s hands?

I’m looking for a website that will look at my cards and the flop in Texas Hold’em and give me the odds of my hand against any combination of cards in my opponents hand or hands. I’m not looking for a face up odds calculator only my 2 cards and the flop. Anyone have a website or advice? Thanks.

admin answers:

Take a look here, there is a lot of material to improve your game:

Carol asks…

poker odd calculator

where can i download a free texas holdem pot odds calculator (post flop) cheers

admin answers:

The best odds calculator on the market is Holdem Hawk which not only is an advanced odds calculator but will track your opponents‘ play and tendencies at the same time. It’s available for free as well. Check it out at

King Cobra Poker

Lizzie asks…

Where can I get a free license key for texas calculatem v 5.0.31 without opening an account with a poker room?

I need a crack or a keygen or a free odds calculator that works in real time

admin answers:

Sandra asks…

Poker software for pokerstars?

Iv been looking everywere for a free hug/calculator that displays the odds of your hands etc etc but every1 i find you either have to pay/buy a licence or sign up to another poker site.Does anyone out there know a reallly good software thats free and displays stats and odds,like how holdem indicator does.thank you in advance

admin answers:

Check out PokerBay when it’s running:

Rakeback Power

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