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Michael asks…

Is there any free poker calculator I can use while playing online poker?

I play on pokerstars, it would be great to have the advantage of seeing my % odds of winning on each hand. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Those poker calculators typically work when you know everyone’s cards. Without that, I’m really not sure what they are going to do for you during a hand.

You’ve got pocket Kings and the flop is A-2-8. A calculator will still show you a large favorite against random hands… But what good is that when someone raises you and you need to decide if he’s got the Ace?

Where exactly do you think you are getting any advantage?

Carol asks…

A question for anyone who plays online poker for a living.?

Do you use any program that keeps track of players stats or anything like that. I just want to know how important is it. I keep notes on a lot of players that I think are good.

I also want to know if you use a program like an odds calculator.


admin answers:

Programs are fine in small stake games. But for large stake games don’t use any program to play poker, for calculation odds or any thing.

Better would be that if you play by our own. Because these programs can not be 100% trustworthy.

John asks…

Can anyone tell me what Poker Programs are used by online poker players to tell them what cards are coming up?

We play a lot of online poker at sites like Bodog and Fulltilt. We want to know what programs people are using that tells them what cards are coming up. We have googled poker programs and have only found odds calculators and thats not what these people are using, there have been too many times people have had to know what was coming up or they would never have made the call or went all in with 2 – 7 and hit trips on the river. Yes sometimes its just coincidence but there HAS to be some program that people are using out there besides odds calculators..Please help??

admin answers:

Cheating online is not good. Most poker sites have software to detect any type of cheating. If you get caught,they will freeze you account. Any 2 will do, is how lots of players play, because once in awhile they win, but in the long term they are losers.

Lizzie asks…

best online poker client?

hey, whats the best poker client out there ?

id like
– a big chat window
odds calculator when all in
– see y hand even when i drop
– a visual hand history
– kind of like pokis poker academy

anything out there that is better than the pokerparty / fulltilt / everest clients ?

admin answers: is still open to US cash players & they cover a few of the items you are looking for. There’s a chat window (although I’m not sure what you consider „big“. It’s approx 6-8 lines shown at a time, but you can scroll to see everything that’s been typed at the table since you sat down.) They also have a visual hand history that you can access while playing. It doesn’t have an odds calculator though & when you fold your hands the cards disappear, but after the hand you can see what you had by looking at the replay.

Joseph asks…

Are Poker calculators legal?

I play Hold ‚em often online, and I was wondering if using a calculator that can read your table, and give you auto odds, etc. legal? I’m not talking about a BOT that plays for you but a calculator. I’ve never heard of them before and I was wondering if they are worth picking up?

admin answers:

When I first started playing online, I used Texas Calculatem. I found it very useful in discovering the odds and what the smart play would be given the mathematical situation at hand. The more I played, the less I used it, and it’s been probably 2 years since I’ve used it even though I still have it on my computer. It’s a great tool for a beginner, but the more you play the more you’ll know the odds in a specific situation and won’t need to rely on it so much.

I don’t think that there is anything illegal or unethical about poker calculators. It doesn’t give you any more of an advantage then someone who can calculate the odds quickly in their head.


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