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James asks…

is there a good online poker calculator for a mac?

i play on pokerstars and just wanted to know if there are any free poker calculator software that sync with the game you are in so you dont have to enter your cards in. i am very familiar with torrents so that would work too, but i just cant seem to find anything? any advice?

admin answers:

Use your head. You only need to be somewhat accurate anyway. Easy way to figure out approximate odds is to multiply outs by 2 for each card remaining. If you have 9 outs on the flop multiply it by 2 and you have approx 18% chance to hit on the turn and 36% to hit it by the river. If you want to figure out pot odds for 36% just think about it like you have 36% chance and 64% to miss. And the chance you have to hit (36%) is always the 1 in the ratio ex. 64 to 36 = 1.77 to 1 odds. You only need to figure out approx odds so just divide 64 by 36 in your head and you know you have a little less than 2 to 1 odds

Thomas asks…

where can I get a video poker calculator that sh owes you what cards to keep and discard on every hand?

where can I get a video poker calculator that showes you
what cards to keep and discard on every hand

admin answers:

You could simply google it. They have free downloads but if you want the fulll program it’s around 30 bucks.

William asks…

Is there a Poker ICM Calculator with a HUD?

I’m looking for a poker ICM calculator utility that I can use while playing sng’s similar to Tournament Indicator or PokerAce. All of the ICM calculators I have found can only be used offline.

admin answers:

Not sure what ICM is or sng. There are many online poker calculators and this site ranks the best of them: .

Charles asks…

What is the best Poker Calculator which analyze poker tables and allow users to load profiles?

admin answers:

Visit: / For the details on Poker Calculator

Donna asks…

Can you recommend a Poker Calculator with tracking features?

admin answers:

Please visit the site: / for best online poker calculator

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