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Chris asks…

Where can I get a good Poker Odds calculator for free?

I was using „Poker Genius“ but the trail ran out and is too expensive. „Poker indicator“ dosent work in the pay rooms unless you pay to get the upgrade.

It needs to be one that will detact the game as I go rather than me having to enter the game details. are the ones I have tried and are not free.

Poker Stove I cant work or it dosent auto detect the games.

admin answers:

You are on the right Page here: for Tournaments, for CashGames..

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find HTML for a poker odds calculator for my website?

How do you find programs and stuff like that without having to write it yourself? I just started my first website.

admin answers:

This guy says if you want to put his calculator on your site you have to contact him and he’ll give you the php and javascript code.


here are more possiblities

George asks…

Anyone know of a live poker odds calculator for pokerstars for mac?

By „live“ i mean one that knows the cards in play without me having to input anything preferably with a HUD

admin answers:

Nope, I don’t think there is one. But Tournament Indicator has a HUD.

Sandra asks…

Where can I find free poker odds calculator or player tracker software?

admin answers:

If you are looking for free poker tools to use while you play poker online, then you have to go to the original poker site for free online tools:

Here the tools are free but to get the free poker tool, you’ll need to open an account at an online poker room. There are hundreds of places to play online and many of them are eligible. So if you were going to open an account anyway, you may as well take a poker odds calculator with you for free.

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