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Mark asks…

has anybody got a free poker calculator with auto read?

can i have a copy?

admin answers:

Really only armatures could benefit from a poker calculator that works out probability’s for you.
Regular poker players know the approximate odds for each hand and various situations happening. And approximate odds is all that is required as it doesn`t really matter whether you have a 64% chance of a win or a 66% chance of a win.
The odds isn`t everything though and if you know you have say a 95% chance of a win, the clever thing to do is not knowing this fact, but knowing how much you can bet so that your opponent calls instead of folds, of course you don`t want to bet too low either, because that will stop you winning so much. Poker is a game that involves many different skills not just probability’s.

Ken asks…

is there any site i can get a free poker calculator?

admin answers:

Right here : for Tournaments and for CashGames

Nancy asks…

Where can I find a free poker calculator that calculates for random and unknown hands?

admin answers:

I found one where all you have to do is type in your cards and all the dead cards, community cards, and it calculates every hand for you and tells you your probabilities of making your hand.

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