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Steven asks…

How do I change my account info for eChecks for my pokerstars account?

I am trying to deposit into my pokerstars account via eCheck, but it has my old checking account information and will not let me change it. I need to update it so I can deposit.

Thanks in advance =]

admin answers:

You have to email the the Cashier at the pokersite you are trying to deposit at. They will erase your old bank info, and then you add your new info in.

Daniel asks…

How long until I have access to my money at pokerstars?

I submitted a request that is pending. Is pokerstars paying out money, or will it stay pending for weeks, months, ect.? Also, on the same note, will I ever be able to play on pokerstars again and when? I obviously live in the good old USA.

admin answers:

You think we know any more than you do?

I’d imagine it could take awhile to get money out of there. I would think they are getting overloaded with requests, and we have no idea the status of the banks that they used to use for payment processing. (That’s where they got in trouble)

I would assume that we won’t be on pokerstars again. In a year, maybe two, we’ll be playing on, and and other US based sites, where the government can tax the sites on their profits, and will have records of the winners and losers, so they can expect the income tax revenue as well.

Maria asks…

How do you deposit money in a Pokerstars account living in the US?

With all of the new laws and restrictions how are people getting their Pokerstars accounts funded?

admin answers:

Hello, I found the easiest way to get money through your pokerstars account is deposit using Western Union. But Western Union charges like $15 for every transaction..

Ive heard people always say use epassporte, I use to use it, But I never liked going through this..This site also charges for the transaction..

Another way to deposit is senting a chashier or money order.. Gl

Chris asks…

How to check amount of chips on pokerstars?

I’ve been playing pokerstars lately with fake money not real money but I’ve been wondering how you can check the total amount of chips you have. It tells me sometimes when i get to choose how many chips to bring at a table but can you check it from the lobby or another way anytime you want. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

As the others said, it is listed in the cashier.

I will just add that if you downloaded your software from Pokerstars.NET, there will be no cashier. If this is the case, uninstall the software you have now, then go to Pokerstars.COM and download that software, install it, and login with your regular username. The cashier will then appear.

Sandy asks…

How long will it be till my cashout from pokerstars hits my bank account?

I heard the FBI is shutting down pokerstars and they said it could be a while till my cashout hits my bank. How long will it be till i get my cashout?

admin answers:

Probably never, since it is illegal in the US.

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