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Mary asks…

How can i tell if a wild pokemon has pokerus?

I know pokerus is totally random to get from pokemon in the wild, but how do i kno, or what is difference about a wild pokemon that has pokerus to one that doesnt? Is it a different color?

admin answers:

You actually won’t be able to tell but it doesn’t matter because just encountering an affected pokemon in the wild infects your pokemon so you don’t have to worry about it

Nancy asks…

What are the chances of my pokemon getting pokerus?

I was playing my sapphire version and I was going to make my gardevoir teleport when I saw it had pokerus. I moved it so it would infect the others and get double EV’s. The thing I don’t get is why me and what are the odds.
By the way it naturally came about.

admin answers:

Why you? Because that’s how the game works… XD

Anyway, the Pokérus has a chance of 1 in 65.536 of appearing. It’s a lot harder to find than a shiny Pokémon, so consider yourself lucky

Sandra asks…

How do you spread pokerus to your party?

I’ve had the pokerus in my tropius for awhile, and it is no one is getting infected with it!!!! Any ideas?

admin answers:

You can not spread Pokerus in your boxes, Tropius must be in your party and it will eventually spread to other pokemon in your party. This can sometimes take only a short amount of time, and sometimes it can take ages. Though remember pokerus only lasts a short amount of time and each pokemon can only get it once so use a crap pokemon to catch pokerus, and put it in the box (a boxed pokerus pokemon will not lose, nor spread pokerus) so you can always have pokerus when you want.

Just walk around and battle with it and eventually the others will get pokerus. Make sure you always pass on the virus though to a boxed pokemon before it cures (which is shown through a little face symbol by their picture)

Donald asks…

do the effects of pokerus (PkRs) work while the infected pokemon is in a pokewalker?

Just as the title implies. Do the EV and leveling up effects of pokerus apply to pokemon while they’re in a pokewalker? Or does it only apply to pokemon you level up manually by battling in the game?

admin answers:

Well Pokewalker don’t give EVs so there is nothing to double (2*0 =0).

PokeRUS has no leveling up effects.

If you’re worried about your Pokemon stats, don’t worry about it. Pokemon stats follow a formula. As long as the components are in (IVs, nature, EVs, level, specie, base stat), it won’t matter how you level as long as you do.

A Pokemon that was EV trained fully then fed Rare Candies until level 100
A Pokemon that was EV trained fully then battled until level 100
A Pokemon that was EV trained fully then Pokewalk’d to level 100

As long as it is the same Pokemon, with the same nature, IVs, and EVs, all three of those Pokemon would be identical according to stats.

Jenny asks…

How do you know if your Pokemon has a Pokerus in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Bascially what the question says. What I’m looking for is a symbol or whatever that represents a Pokemon having Pokerus.

admin answers:

In the menu, select „POKéMON“. Then select the Pokémon you wish to examine and press SUMMARY. If it has PokéRus, a purple symbol will appear saying PKRS (meaning PokéRus). From Storage you can do this too, just press Y on a Pokémon you would like to examine.

This cannot be done with Pokémon in the wild. Trust me—I didn’t know my legit PokéRus Giratina in Platinum had PokéRus until after I had caught it.

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