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James asks…

Having trouble with 2-7 Triple Draw?

I generally do well, but lately I’ve been losing considerably. I play 6 player sit-n-go’s. My general strategy is to bet if I’m 4 cards to a 2-7 draw, call if I’m 3 cards to it, or 4 cards to 2-8. On the second draw, I’ll only call a bet if I’m at least 4 cards to a 2-8 draw, and I’m only stay in after that if I’ve made at least a 2-8. Is this a good strategy? Do you know any good 2-7 Triple Draw strategy sites?

Also, what should I do if I start with a hand like 9-8-6-3-2? Stand pat, or discard the 9? If I have a hand like 3-4-5-6-T, should I just discard the T and go for an 8 or 9, or should I discard the 6/5 and T in order to go for a better lo without hitting a straight?
It’s precisely BECAUSE it’s so obscure that I love it. For one, it’s a nice change of pace over the usual popular games. For another thing, since it is obscure, a lot of people don’t understand the basic strategy, much less the basic rules, so you have an overload of donks there. I once saw a guy raise a straight THREE times in one game. That and people raising with Ace high… i love it.

admin answers:

As zct pointed out, daniel negreanu’s section in super/system 2 is very helpful in giving you the finer points of this game

however, i disagree with zct in that it’s not worth it to learn this game…if you play it well you can profit very nicely, and it is a very simple game as well

imo, your strategy in general is flawed…the most important thing in triple draw is the number of cards being drawn against you…so whether you bet or check a hand depends mostly on how many cards you drew in comparison to your opponent…if you drew fewer cards you should bet when checked to and raise if you have any sort of legitimate hand if bet into…so making set rules in stone is not good

also, you are playing too tight overall…you’re really only going to the showdown with an 8 low or better? That’s way too tight, you need to be willing to show down a jack or better most times, as a made jack is a favorite over any drawing hand with one draw remaining

as for your questions about the starting hands, again, it depends on how many your opponents are taking and how many opponents there are…if you are in a pot with three or four players, you are probably best to break the 9 and go for an 8, and with that many people in it almost doesn’t matter how many they take…if you are heads-up with one player drawing two, then you should stay with your 9; if you are heads-up with one player drawing one, then you are a slight dog with your 9 and you should break it

with the second hand, honestly this is a hand you don’t want to be playing too often, unless you can steal with it by raising an unopened pot on the button or defend your big blind, because you will need to catch a deuce somewhere most likely, and chances are that all the deuces are out of the deck…if i am going to play, i’m going to dump the 10 and the 6

Steven asks…

Pokerstars Please Help me?

can some1 send me $1.10 so i can play the 10000 player $1.10 sit n go, i’ll send the dollar back if i win anything.

please… just make my day
oops, JaZn$60$ btw

admin answers:

Go win a freeroll.

Donna asks…

Fast blinds-Texas Holdem Question?

What website (for play money) can I go on to play a Sit-N-Go where the blinds are raising rapidly and they give you a short amount of starting chips to play with?

admin answers:

Pokerstars and FTP aren’t what you are looking for. Both have fairly slow structures to their SnGs. Try Party, their SnG structure is very fast, plus the Turbos should work with Play money. THere may be some other sites, but I’m not sure, check the reviews on

Betty asks…

NL Holdem Question?

playing a cash game (sit n go type) with friends last night, i was in the big blind, UTG flat calls, button calls SB calls and i have 10 10 so raise about 4 x BB.

UTG moves all in for about 2/3 of my stack. Everyone folds round to me. I decide to fold but show my hand and opponent turns over AJ.

I know this is a coin flip but do you think i was right to assume he had a big hand as he smooth called then moved all in?

Was it a good fold anyway considering he had 2 over cards?
yeah i know a lot of people who would have called. They seem to lose a lot actually. Dont think im gonna listen to somone who can’t spell LOSE and seems to think specially is a word, lol.

admin answers:

It’s an interesting situation. He may have thought that you were trying to steal the blinds and calls, since everyone just limped, your bet does look like a steal attempt. On that basis he may have put you on a bluff or semi bluff and decided to try a re-steal. In this case it worked, he played the hand great. Even if you had a higher pocket like queens or kings, he still had the ace, he was not drawing dead.

I like his bold and aggressive play here, you are forced to make a decision for 2/3rds of your stack, and he has the momentum of being the first one all in. The gap principle dictates that you need a really strong hand to be calling his bet here.

As for your position, you know that he could have AK, AQ, AJ, AT, KQ, KK, QQ, JJ, AA or another pocket pair.

If he has any of the Ax hands you are a slight favorite but you are basically calling off 2/3rds of your stack to play a coin flip. That’s not a smart play. You want to be the one making the all in move, that way you have the chance the other player folds, in addition to your chance of winning if he calls.

Clearly AT is a nice hand for you, because you have his tens covered. He is now essentially drawing to an unlikely straight or one of three aces remaining in the deck.

Something weird like KQ is still a race, with you slightly ahead.

Pocket pairs bigger than yours are going to be a four to one favorite, and you are in bad shape. It seems unlikely that he would move all in with a lower pocket pair than yours unless he is pretty sure you will lay it down.

So there are three scenarios that you face. You are badly dominated, you are in a race as the slight favorite, or you have him dominated. It’s up to your read and knowledge of the opponent to decide which it is.

But when it comes to poker, it is always best to be the aggressor making someone else make a big decision. By moving all in here your opponent is taking a risk that you have him crushed, but he also has the advantage of being the guy who made the big move first.

I think you made the right move here, and so did your opponent. Your lay down was appropriate. After all do you really want to call off so much of your stack in a non-rebuy sit n go? Better to lose that little raise and wait for a better spot to be the aggressor, not the caller.

Linda asks…

What hands should you shove with with <10 BB's in a SnG?

I think this is where I lose the most potential money in sit n go’s. I make the money around 2/3 of the time but i find it very hard to win. I used to fold everything that wasn’t A10+ when it was 3 handed in a 10 man. But then I was told to open up my range, and I find myself pushing with hands like Q7 and obviously losing.

What range of hands should I be pushing with, with a stack of c. 5000 and blinds of 300/600?


admin answers:

I usually play double-or-nothings, which have a little different dynamic, but here’s what I would do in a 10 man if I already made the money.

-with less than 10 blinds, any ace is a shove
-other overcards: QJ or better
-any pocket pair (preferably 55 or better but
you can’t just wait and get blinded off)

if I’m in 3rd place I tend to get aggressive and try
for a doubleup. If it works, great but if not you can
quickly move on to another one. I’m sure others
will suggest different ranges but you should
at least give yourself a chance if you are called.

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