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Maria asks…

Do you think I will be able to withdraw my money off of my Full Tilt Poker account?

apparently all accounts are locked. I received a check from Poker Stars and it bounced, It won’t let me withdraw my money of my FT account,, any news?

admin answers:

Yes, both FullTilt and PokerStars is returning the money to its USA players.

David asks…

Where can you watch live poker?

I’ve got interested in poker recently (more from a spectator’s perspective). I like watching excerpts from tournaments and stuff on youtube.
Still, youtube transmissions are mostly fragmentary, while I’d like to find a place to watch like transmissions from current events, news, and generally stay up to date.

Any good sites?

admin answers:

Just Googled out your question and found some results for poker TV, like:- is also a good site for poker videos.

John asks…

Legalizing online poker? Will WSOP online site every offer real money games?

With the pending ruling for legalization of online poker (wether its tomm or 5 years) what effect will it have will the big boys FTP, PS just continue to dominate even more or will sites like WSOP swoop in and real money games and take over. What will happen any predictions??? Any real news from this?

admin answers:

There is no telling what the industry will do if legalization happens. Determination of whether or not poker is more a game of skill or luck has presently been a cause of contention from state to state when debating on whether or not to legalize.

If legalization happens, I wouldn’t doubt that WSOP as a brand will get into the game. It only makes sense since it is the most recognizable tournament in poker. They will want to bank on that online. I also wouldn’t doubt if they merge with an already established poker site to make a more seamless transition.

If you want to keep up on the news visit:

Helen asks…

Do you support the campaign by Nick Xenophone and Andrew Wilkie to limit poker machine gambling in Oz?

Senator Nick Xenophone (South Australia) and Andrew Wilkie Independent Tasmania want to limit the amount people can gamble daily on the poker machines. There is now a campaign to get people to nominate the amount that they are prepared to loose before they start gambling. What do you think?

admin answers:

Yes, it should be supported.

How anyone can justify, giving their money away to a machine, is beyond me.

Chris asks…

Which is the best Bulgarian poker site.?

I want to ask where I can find some poker videos, strategy, news and promotions in bulgarian language.

admin answers:

I recommend to you –
It realy has everythink you need!

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