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Richard asks…

What do you think of the strategy advice on for 6 handed Sit N Go’s?

I was reading the strategy on and it appears to have very a different strategy for playing 6 handed sng’s than other websites. Is this strategy recommended? for example it tells you never to limp in to see a cheap flop and to only raise with premium hands especially at the early stages

admin answers:

Theres more than one way to skin a cat, and even more ways to skint a donkey! Choosing the right strategy for how your opponants are playing is the correct one. To do this you need to build up a strategic arsenal, (from sites like these,books, etc) and just see what works. Example you’ve given about limping cheap, it can be both correct and incorrect. Suppose your on a table of timid amateurs who dont raise preflop but dont know how to lay a hand down, perfect situation to limp suited connectors and small pairs to spike a monster flop cheaply, then takem to the cleaners. Now suppose you’re playing strong preflop raisers, youre gonna need strong starting hands and play them fast. Horses for courses, read as much as u can, play as much as you can. Poker is about munipulating your opponants tendancys.

Helen asks…

Are heads up sit-n-go’s worth it?

I’ve been considering playing heads up sit-n-go’s, but I’m kind of against it. Why spend that much energy and time to earn not even 100% of what you put in? The room takes an extra buy-in fee, so in actuality you only earn 70-80% of the buy-in if you win. Mind you, I’m not talking about heads up tournaments, where there’s a huge prize pool, just a heads up sit-n-go with only two entrants. If I want to practice heads up, it seems more economical to just play with a friend without paying any extra fees. What do you think?

admin answers:

I think they are definitely worth, especially for the experience you gain. To win any tournament, you have to win heads up (unless you bust the last two players at the same time ala Phil Gordon at the Bay 101 a few years ago) so gaining some heads up strategy and experience is always a good thing to do. And I’m not sure where you are playing at, but at Full Tilt, the juice for a HUSnG is less than 5% of the entry fee.

Paul asks…

Sit-n-Go Tournaments-Texas Holdem?

Do you think that the Sit-N-Go single table tournaments is a matter of luck or do believe the great players can consistantly win in these tournaments?

When every I play these tournaments it seems like it is a lot of luck involved-it basically a „crap-shoot“.

What do you think?

admin answers:

Sit N Go’s are so mathmatically based when you get towards bubble of the tournament that the players who have the best understanding of the concepts that need to be applied will, in the long run, have the edge in sit n gos. Luck is always involved in poker. You have to look at poker as a long term investment. Short term results will vary according to variance, but in the long run, if you use winning strategy’s, you will be a winner. And just to clarify, there is no way shape or form that anyone can finish in the money 90% of the time. Maybe you finished ITM 9 out of 10 times…that I can believe, but if you’re going to be throwing ridiculous statements like that around you better have some proof to back that up. The best Sit n go players in the world, ie the people who play them for their sole source of income only get ITM at the most 40-50 % of the time, anything more than that is just positive variance, and nothing more.

admin answers:

With a tourney it pays to make sound folds of big hands to move up the pay scale, but in a sit n go you have to play a more aggresive style for sure. The first reason is that only the top 2 or 3 will get payed out, and you will get short-handed so you will have to get more aggresive. In a regular tourney, empty seats would get filled up by other players, but in a single table sit n go, you will be playing a lot short-handed, so being able to bully the table is key.

Sandy asks…

Sit-N-Go Online Poker Help?

I have about $124.00 in stocked up in Pokerstars and I would like to safely increase my bankroll to $1000.00

What Sit-N-Go games do you recommended I play to reach this amount?

(double-or-nothing sounds good…what do you think?)

How many games at once?

At what buy in? and when should I increase the stakes?

(I play tight 80% of the time and I have good understanding of position)

admin answers:

Double or Nothings (DONs) are relatively easy to win. It’s a slow process and kind of boring, but a good bankroll builder. Play the $1 ones and see how it goes. If you are getting ahead, move up to $2 ones when your bankroll hits $200. Move up to $5 ones when you get to $500.

If you can multitable 3 or 4 at once, do that. But only if it is not affecting your win rate.

Nothing is completely safe. DONs are pretty reliable if you can win about 70% of them. (The rake at the lower levels is horrendous.)

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