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Paul asks…

What is the best Poker Calculator to improve the game?

admin answers:

Check out this free poker ebook. It has a whole chapter talking about online poker sotfware to improve your game.

Helen asks…

where can I get a good (free) poker calculator?

admin answers:


David asks…

What is the best online Poker calculator?

admin answers:

Please visit for best online poker calculator

Donna asks…

Question about Poker calculator settings?

I’m using the Firefox add-on „Poker Eval“ and it’s helped me a lot. but as i’ve tried jumping into the configuration a bit more i’ve found some settings that i don’t understand. next to „starting hand info“ there’s a drop down menu with the options „Group“, „sit and go classic, aggressive, and soft“ and „Tournament“. what do these mean?

admin answers:

You can play in a group you can sit and play you can have aggressive player (blind betters) or you could have soft players (usually don’t play most hands unless they get good cards)

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