Your Questions About Sit-n-go Poker

Ken asks…

Does anyone else play on titan poker. What the hell is wrong with it its always bad beat after bad beat!

I just had a hand in a sit n‘ go i reraised all in with QQ and got called by A8. the flop comes KK9 then another king so i have a full house, then guess what! another king on the river!!! whenever my opponent has a 2 outer they always seem to hit way more than they should. Does this happen to anyone else on this site?

admin answers:

It happens to everyone. Live and online, it doesn’t matter. A lot more people cry about it online though, that seems to be the difference. Online fish think they’re entitled to win or something. What a joke, it’s gambling. You aren’t entitled to anything. A 95% chance to win means you still lose 5% of the time.

Jenny asks…

Good poker site for play money?

Okay… before you say party poker.. and ultimate bet, etc… hear me out. I want a poker site that provides a wide range of table stakes. for example 5/10 all the way to like 250k/500k … (party poker goes up to 50/100 which is terrible)… i didnt mind full tilt becuase they offer alot of sit n go buy in options with a very wide range of cash games. Remember i play fake chip games, im looking for gameplay.. not graphics or any of that. So … any other sites with ALOT of cash game stakes, and sit n go/ tournament buy ins? Thanks

admin answers:

I’m no poker expert and I don’t gamble for real money, but one of the best free sites I’ve found is:

The link is for the Texas Hold’em no limit game, which is fun, though you can play a limited game if you prefer: or you can also play five card poker, though that is less popular:

The reason I think the site is good is because you can play as a guest without the hassle of registering (though if you do you can save your progress and take part in tournaments). Good luck.

Sandra asks…

Online poker etiquette question?

I play Poker on Pokerstars occasionally and I have a question about etiquette rules. I was playing in a Sit-N-Go tourney last night and 2 guys at the table were chatting the whole time in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish and I felt uncomfortable being in a game where I couldn’t understand what the other players were saying.

I know site rules for many places state that only English is allowed at the tables, but I don’t think it’s widely enforced and to be honest, Pokerstars has many international players so it seems kinda unfair to force a Spaniard or German to chat in a language they may not be fluent speaking.

I don’t play poker online often and I only play for enjoyment. I’m not trying to get rich with poker, so I’m curious as to how the regular players here feel about table chat. What’s proper etiquette?

This was a $1 entry tourney so no big deal and I didn’t say anything to the chatters last night. Would you have a different answer for a tourney that cost $500 to enter rather than a micro stakes one?

And before you think this is simply sour grapes, I don’t think the players were colluding. I think the conversation was simple chatting. With all the IM and voice chat programs out there, cheaters have much better ways to collude. (and I won the tourney)

admin answers:

Usually they’re just jibber jabbering, it’s really no big deal. I don’t like constant chatter at higher limit tables though, sometimes they’re giving up information about how they play (either on purpose or inadvertently) so I either want to know what they’re talking about or I want them to shut up completely so nobody else at the table gets more information than me.

At the $1 tables, I wouldn’t really say something unless they’re talking crap to me.

And FYI, you can call the moderator to say something to them and it’s totally anonymous. If they cop an attitude and ask who snitched on them just ignore it. Besides, a pissed off player is usually a bad player!

Good luck and have fun.

William asks…

What Poker stakes to play with a 100 dollar bankroll?

Ok so im a very well educated poker player for the most part. I know the odds, hands, most percentages, pot odds, position etc . What I am not educated in is bankroll management. I am wanting to make online poker a second job just for a little extra spending cash, but Im not sure how much I need to make a decent amount and im not sure what stakes I should play . I only have a hundy in there right now, so im wondering if someone could tell me what size sit n go’s I should be playing as well as ring games at full tilt to make sure I don’t blow my entire bankroll?

Im sure I need more in there then a hundred to make any kind of decent profit but for now I just wanna learn some specifics in bankroll management so I can slowly build it up. Any advice or help would be great. Thanks and I look forward to your answers

admin answers:

If you are wanting to make poker your second job, then either A) You need to deposit more money online or B) Make sure you play the micros.

A general rule of thumb followed by any competent poker player is to make sure you have at least 20 buy-ins for your level. This would equate to 5 NL (5$ BI X 20= $100), which is the absolute highest stake you should attempt. If this is your first foray into online poker, I recommend you play the .01/.02c penny games first. I suggest this because it will give you a good feel for the software of what site you are playing at, get you comfortable with the increased speed of online poker, and you’ll feel more comfortable knowing only 2% of your bankroll is on the line. If you are more confident, feel free to start at 5NL though, as your bankroll is just large enough to play it.

Remember that its not going to make you rich overnight, but if you are patient and actively try to better your play then you will show a profit.

Also, if you are planning on making poker a second job, make sure that you have rakeback at whatever site you are playing on. It will help give a boost to any bankroll, and you can get any questions about it answered here, or by messaging me.


Richard asks…

poker questions can anyone help?

1. 5/10 NL Holdem. 6 handed with 1000 stacks. You’re UTG at an ultra aggressive table with 44. What do you do?


Limp in and fold to a raise

Limp in and call a single raise


2. Calculate the number of ‚outs‘ opponent 2 has to outright win the hand given all players have moved all in on the turn:

Opponent 1: QCQS Opponent 2: KC7HOpponent 3: 9H9S







3. You’ve just won a freeroll for $18,000 and decide its time to jump stakes and play professional poker. Is a 18k bankroll enough to play $10/20 NL Hold’em in a live casino?



4. 5/10 NL Holdem. 9 handed. 2000 stacks. You’re in the cut-off position with 6h6s. UTG limps, a player in middle position limps as well, and you call in the cut-off. The button raises to 70, everyone calls including the BB, UTG, middle position player and yourself. Flop is:


BB checks, UTG bets 90, middle position folds, you call, button raises to 450. BB pushes all in, UTG thinks then folds. What do you do?

Call all-in

5. Given the following scenario which of the following opponents is favored to win the pot?

Opponent 1: QDQH Opponent 2: KSQS

Flop: JS9S3D
Opponent 1

Opponent 2

6. 10 man table. 5/10 NL with $1000 stacks. Under the gun (UTG) who is playing extremely aggressive straddles (its a live game) to $20. You’re in middle position with TcTs and raise to $70. It folds around to UTG who promptly re-reraises to $200. You opt to call.



UTG checks rather quickly and you decide to check behind him.


UTG leads out for $80 and you flat call.


UTG thinks for a second and bets out $150. Whats your move?
a) Fold, its likely your beat even though pot odds are high

b) Call, you’re opponent is extremely LAG and your getting great pot odds

c) Raise, represent the big ace and try to get your opponent to fold

d) All-in, you’ve put your opponent a big ace and you think he’ll fold to a shove

7. Floating is a common tactic that involves calling your opponent on the flop with the intention of bluffing them on the turn and/or river. In order to ‚float‘ your opponent successfully what are the 2 most important factors?

Small stack size and a tight table image

Small stack size and position

Average stack size and early middle position

Large stack size and position

Large stack size and a tight table image

8. Tournament. 300/600 blinds with 220 players left (top 100 pay). You’ve got 30,000 in chips. It’s folded to you on the button and you raise to 1600 with10h7h. Both blinds call.

Flop is:

Blinds check, you bet 2800, small blind raises to 7500, you call. Turn is:


Small blind pushes all-in for 8500k

What’s the best move?
Fold, you’re beat and the odds aren’t good enough

Fold, odds are likely there but if he has a higher flush draw you’re dominated

Call, the odds justify the call

Call, because odds aren’t quite there but you’ve got plenty of chips

9. You’re in a 10 man sit-n-go with 7 players left and the blinds are 200-400. You have 3600 chips. Everyone at the table has about 3500 chips. You’re in middle position and it is folded to you.
You hold:
What should you do?





10. 6 man table. 1/2 NL with $200 Stacks. You raise on the button with:

The bb calls and your heads up to a flop of:


Big Blind quickly checks. Is this a good flop for you?

Bad, If he has a King your drawing to 2 outs

Neutral, you will win about 50% of the time on this board

Good, you will win most of the time on this board

admin answers:

1. Limp and call – since you’re ultra aggressive your implied odds are huge

2. None, he has 9 outs – 2 queen’s for a straight and 7 for the flush (the 5 of clubs will give the 99’s a full house)

3. No. An answer above mine explained making the correct amount of money per day to be successful (what kind of freerolls have 1st place price of $18K?)

4. Call all in definitely. You have the 3rd nuts, and chances are they won’t catch their straight, flush, or even full house (if they have 2 pair on flop).

5. Well the KsQs has a 56.1% chance of making a straight, flush, better pair so I’d say the KsQs, although knowing my luck I’d lose with it every time.

6. I dunno, him checking quickly on the flop suggests a draw, perhaps the nut flush draw, and since you’ve checked twice he might think you were drawing too. I’d call, since you’ll still have quite a healthy stack left if you’re beaten.

7. I know what floating the flop is. I think you’ve made an error; in order for it to work, you must act after your opponent has, so I’d say your position factors are irrelevant, I’d say it’s a tough decision because with a big stack and a tight table image, your opponent may think you’re using it to your advantage and trying to steal. With the short stack and tight image, the same concept applies. I’d say a tight table image with a medium stack size.

8. I’d say that you have 15 outs – 4 9’s for the straight, 8 outs for the flush (excluding 9h) and since you have an over card, if he’s not on a big pocket pair you have three more outs. You have a 34.1% chance of hitting by river, and that’s if he doesn’t have a bigger flush draw. It will cost you 8500 (not sure why you had the ‚K‘ in there) to call, with the pot now at 28,300, and it will cost you 8500 to call. You have a BEP of 30%, and since you have a 34.1% chance of making what you consider a winning hand, you are getting the correct odds to call. I personally wouldn’t, though.

9. Well what kind of image do you have? I’d fold; you have an average stack AND you won’t have position on a caller, and what will you do if you get raised? You’d have to fold and then you’d be known as a limper. You could turn this around, though, if you get AA or KK the next hand and you do the same; someone might put you all in thinking you’ll fold.

10. Checking quickly is usually if someone hasn’t hit, or is on a draw. I’d would say, though, that this is the most common ‚reverse tell‘, so I’d but about 2/3 of the pot sized bet out. If he calls, and then an Ace or another scare card comes, if he bets, just fold it; plenty of more opportunities.

Wow this is the longest question I’ve ever answered! Good luck, kid.

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