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Chris asks…

where can i get a poker calculator?

i want a poker calc that is compatible for 3d i dont want to sign up top things to get it. i want it free

admin answers:

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but I always use’s poker odds calculator.

Lisa asks…

What is the best Poker Calculator on the Web?

admin answers:

I found this one works very well on several online sites, works great on pokerstars and will improve your game, but you must play at least 100 hands and pay attention to what they tell you to do and it will improve your game on line and off.Great tool to use to make rookie play and learn how to play like a pro with % for pre flop,to each card all the way down to the river card and hand history and alot more! Great calculator, I rate best.Tell me what you think?
If you click on this link, it will take you straight there and click on free download…

George asks…

What is a good program code for texas hold’em poker for a ti-84 plus calculator?

I’m trying to make a poker pack. Ive mad program codes for War and Blackjack but the only 2 i still need are Texas Hold’em and 5 card draw. either would be appreciated. :). make sure theres a menu at the beggining

admin answers:

There are several Texas Hold’em games available at

If you want to view the source code to one, then you can use

Helen asks…

Is there any Poker Calculator with tracking features?

admin answers:

Just have a look at the site: / for onlune poker

Mary asks…

Is there any Poker Calculator to track opponent?

admin answers:

Yes there is, but most professionals will suggest that you stay clear of it, they aren’t that helpful and are time consuming to the game.

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