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Sharon asks…

Anybody heard of a site called Love That Poker!?

Apparently ALL of the games are free. The ring/cash games and sit-n-go’s are the equivalent of play money tables, but you can use the points to enter daily $50 freerolls, qualify for weekly $500 freerolls or monthly $5000 freerolls. They don’t ask for a credit card, registration is simply giving a sign-in name and a password, and there’s no download. Only drawbacks I see so far is I don’t know exactly how the payout system works, as I’ve only been on there a day and haven’t made any money yet, and the traffic is very low so the game selection is limited (there are usually only 2 7 card stud tables and 2 Omaha tables going, maybe 5-10 Texas Hold Em tables, only half of which are no limit, and sit-n-go’s take about 15 minutes to round up 6 players). Other than that, there’s no catch that I’m aware of. If you’ve heard anything about this site, let me know.
Also, if the site sounds interesting to you, I’d appreciate it if you could access it through this link (It’s a referral program):

Like I said, I’ve played on there, and it costs absolutely zero, and they haven’t asked me for any credit card or bank info. If nothing else, it’s good practice (although most people on there are donks). Thanks a bunch.
I neglected to mention, if you use the link, they say they will deposit $10 (real money) into your account. Don’t know if that’s true or not, but if you do use the link, let me know if they are true to their claim.
I don’t know how to cash out your winnings, like I said, i’ve only been there a day so far (but I almost won some money), so I haven’t cashed out yet.
If you check „My Referrals“ it tells you how to refer friends. Thanks for clicking the link!

admin answers:

Hello, No I hadnt heard of that site. I decided to register with you referral link..As soon as I signed in my concern was seeing $10. Indeed there is $10 next to ‚REAL MONEY‘.

The only problem I see is how do I cash out my winnings, and or how would they know who to send it to..Thanks,,

How did you get your referral link??

George asks…

poker and again poker?

You’re in a 10 man sit-n-go with 7 players left and the blinds are 200-400. You have 1600 chips. Everyone at the table has about 3500 chips. You’re in middle position and it is folded to you.
You hold: Qh Th
What should you do?

admin answers:

Obvious push. You actually should be pushing well before you get down to 4x the BB. If you steal the blinds here you’ll increase your stack by 40%, and you’ll have a good chance to suck out against the hands that will call you.

You can’t afford to wait any longer and be blinded off, your behind and need some luck to get back in it. Thats what it comes down to.

Lisa asks…

Please answer online poker players…?

i can’t see the Freeroll sit n go listings on full tilt and my friend can. the ones with like 180 people, it never pops up on my screen. they say like .COM or something on the tourney title

admin answers:

OK . Go to the Sit and Go tab (real or play money doesn’t matter) . Then wait for the games you are looking for to come up near the top of the table . You have to be very fast , because they literally fill up in a few seconds . If you dont register in time ( which you wont often), wait EXACTLY 10 minutes and the same game will pop up again . Once again , you must be lightning quick with the mouse ( unless you play @ 4am). Good luck , as the tourney is all or nothing and takes a while . Play tight and people will eventually give their chips away .
BTW- You may not see them , because they aren’t running right now.

Ken asks…

POKER – Multi-table Tournaments advice?

Ive been playin for about 5 years and have studied theory like a degree and seen alot of hands. I grind out a good profit on sit n go’s and cash game but every tournament (9 seater) seems like im playing holdem in an omaha game. eg. I just played one played about 20 flops without hitting (at all) Got JJ, riase before me, i call , one other caller, flop 249. Caller go’s all in, Pre-raiser moves all in, i fold, raisers kings win. Then i raise AJ on button, 2 callers, raggy flop i bet half pot to be met by raise, i fold, pair wins. I then try stealing with position and they hit and let me know about it every time, My stacks now down 2/3 blinds get big and get QQ, all folds to my small blind, i call $100, big blind calls, flop 269, he raises 300, i go all in, he shows 96. Im giving examples because this happens every time with the same hopelesness, so it cant be bad luck, what am i doing wrong? Ive read all the top books including harrington 1,2,and 3 and still i feel im doing something wrong. Any advice or great books you can recommend for tournys will be much appreciated.

admin answers:

Well let’s look at these examples. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that two pair is the average winning hand in holdem. In the first hand you have JJ and there’s too much action for you to stick around and this was a good fold. In the second hand I seriously question this bet. I don’t like c-bets generally although I will use them here and there but too many players blindly throw chips out and in most cases it isn’t justified. You’ve got to compare betting with checking here and checking is often the better option. This is really a stone cold bluff here and you’ve got to treat it like this. With the QQ you’ve got to ask yourself whether this player would go this big with less than what you have and the answer is probably not. So another case of your getting money in the pot when you’re behind.

All 3 of these hands should have been folded and you’ll do a lot better by settling down and thinking these things through. You’ve got carelessitis here which leads to bleeding money 🙂

King Cobra Poker

Michael asks…

Please Help me with this poker iq test?

ingle table tournament. Blinds 200-400. You have 1600 chips. The average stack at the table is 6000 chips and you’re in the small blind and it is folded to you.

You hold:

What should you do?





# 5/10 NL cash game. $1,000 stacks. 6 handed. You are in middle position with:
A loose aggressive player UTG raises to $40. You re-raise to $130 and he calls.
The flop is:
He checks and you bet $185 into the $280 pot. He check raises all-in. What should you do?



# 6 man table. 5/10 NL with $1500 stacks. A loose aggressive player in middle postion makes a raise to $40 and your on the button QcJc and re-raise $120. Your opponent calls the raise and the flop comes:

The Flop:


Your opponent leads out for $120 – You raise to $300 and your opponent quickly calls.

The Flop:


Your opponent fires out a bet for $550. Whats your move?
Raise all in, you’re getting great implied odds on the river

Fold, Your opponent likely holds a big hand and your only drawing to a flush

Call, Your opponent likely holds a big ace and you will likely take his entire stack if you hit a flush

Raise all in, it’s even money and potentially a large pot to win

Disconnect, see the river for free

# 6 man table. 1/2 NL with $200 Stacks. You raise on the button with:

The bb calls and your heads up to a flop of:


Big Blind quickly checks. Is this a good flop for you?

Bad, If he has a King your drawing to 2 outs

Neutral, you will win about 50% of the time on this board

Good, you will win most of the time on this board

# Tournament. 300/600 blinds with 220 players left (top 100 pay). You’ve got 30,000 in chips. It’s folded to you on the button and you raise to 1600 with10h7h. Both blinds call.

Flop is:

Blinds check, you bet 2800, small blind raises to 7500, you call. Turn is:


Small blind pushes all-in for 8500k

What’s the best move?
Fold, you’re beat and the odds aren’t good enough

Fold, odds are likely there but if he has a higher flush draw you’re dominated

Call, the odds justify the call

Call, because odds aren’t quite there but you’ve got plenty of chips

# Your late in a MTT tourney with a 100k stack and average is about 120K. Your table image is tight aggressive and a loose aggressive player from early position raises to 15k (2k/4k blinds) and a player in middle position raises to 75k.

You’re dealt these cards on the button:

What should you do?





# 5/10 NL Holdem. 9 handed. 2000 stacks. You’re in the cut-off position with 6h6s. UTG limps, a player in middle position limps as well, and you call in the cut-off. The button raises to 70, everyone calls including the BB, UTG, middle position player and yourself. Flop is:


BB checks, UTG bets 90, middle position folds, you call, button raises to 450. BB pushes all in, UTG thinks then folds. What do you do?

Call all-in

# Calculate the number of ‚outs‘ opponent 2 has to outright win the hand given both players are all in:

Opponent 1: 10H10C Opponent 2: 8H7H







# You’re in a 10 man sit-n-go with 7 players left and the blinds are 200-400. You have 3600 chips. Everyone at the table has about 3500 chips. You’re in middle position and it is folded to you.
You hold:
What should you do?





# 10/25 NL cash game. $3,000 stacks at a 6 handed table. You raise from Cut off with:
The small blind calls. He has been playing loose aggressive but he hasn’t been playing back at opponents unless he is in position.
Flop is:
Is this considered a good flop and what should your move be?

Good Flop, bet

Bad flop, check

Good flop, check

Bad flop, bet

admin answers:

What do you want help with exactly?

All in on the first one, but I’m not going through this whole thing unless you’ve got a specific question or concern.

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