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Helen asks…

Polls and surveys : why lady gaga is pretty in poker face and ugly in the recent videos?

I mean she looks very pretty in poker face , love game and paparazzi but suddenly she is ugly in bad romance , alejandro and telephone . she doesn’t even look the same .

admin answers:

Make up.

Mandy asks…

where can i buy the glasses that lady gaga wore in poker face that were like tv mechanical glasses?

i really want a pair. if it is available for purchase. they are so cool and they are the ones that light up and shine different colors and look really cool. its the part of the video where she is sitting down the a dark area and the glasses light up…its in the video poker face.

admin answers:

Why would you want that comrade?
I think it’s a special order.
Might I suggest ebay?

Lizzie asks…

Is the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga inappropriate for school?

Me and my friend are in 6th grade and we want to dance to poker face for the talent show. We already know the dance, were just deciding on a song that could go with it. Is it appropriate for school? Our principle has to approve of the song. Thanxx (:

admin answers:

You can if he doesn’t figure out the hidden messages- but if he does, do Just Dance.

David asks…

What is the Breed Of The Dog’s In The Lady Gaga Poker Face Video Clip? Doe’s Anyone Know?

The Two Gorgeous Dogs in Lady Gaga’s Poker Face Video Clip
Thanks Gabriella appreciate it, I would love a dog like that 4 my american Staffy X bordercollie but the great dane would take me for a walk instead of me taking it for a walk lol.. thanks again appreciate it. The dog in your photo is cute as.
Wrote to Gabriella and saw the other responses. Thanks Everyone I appreciate your help and time. =)

admin answers:

Theyre big, beautiful Great Danes 😀

ADD: Yea theyre mega strong, but with training it wouldnt pull 😀 ……and thanks about my dog 😀 Thats Barra, hes a Staffordshire Bull Terrier 😀

Michael asks…

How do I get a better poker face?

I plat cards with my friends, and I have the worst poker face in the history of mankind. But that’s just me, I can’t keep a straight face. Especially when I really try, I just bust out laughing. It’s horrible. Any way I can keep a straight face?

admin answers:

There are two ways to go about the poker face. One is to overload your opponents with information by mixing up your mannerisms so that they can’t tell what means what. Sometimes you do something when you have a strong hand but then you mix it up by doing the same thing with a weak hand. This is hard to do because we always have to be aware of exactly how we acted on each hand and we have to think hard about how we are going to mix it up. The other way is the robotic approach. Your expressions and movements are so muted and consistent that you give away no information.

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