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Daniel asks…

Is Holdem Indicator worth using?

I use tournament indicator for tournaments but i was looking for something specifically for cash games and came accross holdem indicator. Has anyone used this and if so what do you think of it? It apparently gives you the EV of each hand you are dealt preflop depending on the position you are in. Is this useful as usually your EV is calculated depending on your pot odds and outs. if i always play hands that have a positive EV preflop then does that mean that it will be profitable in the long run?

admin answers:

I am not a fan of these types of programs, simply because you are much better off learning what to do in playing situations yourself.

Remember, in Texas Holdem, one of the best rules is to play the players, not the cards.

And if you only play positive EV hands, the other players will pick up on this and it will impact your winnings negatively.

It can be useful to newer players to help them avoid some basic mistakes, and help them learn which hands to play in what circumstances, but only if they understand the reason for the suggested play for that hand.

I use a point count system in some tournaments for starting hand evaluation and have found it to be fairly effective in those tournaments that require more skill than luck, such as high starting chips, long intervals, slow blinds and a lot of players.

Good luck with your choices and at the tables.


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