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Mandy asks…

What are the odds of one person knocking every one else out in a Texas Hold Em No Limit 9 man sit-n-go?

Last night I was playing a 9 man no limit hold em turbo sit n go on Full Tilt, and one person won the tourney by knocking out every one else at the table. I finished second. Everyone started with 1500 chips. I was wondering what was the chances of this happening.
okay…. multiply all those together and you get .000025%…. what is that in the terms of 1 in xxxxxx???

admin answers:

Well, whomever wins KO’s the person that came in 2nd 100% of the time.
The person in 3rd 50%
The person in 4th 33%
5th – 25%
6th – 20%
7th – 1/6
8th – 1/7
9th – 1/8

multiply all those together to get approximate odds. The true odds are probably a little higher since if the winner did KO the first 4 of 5 people he’d have a big chip lead and would then have a little better odds to KO the rest of the people.

Laura asks…

What makes me capable at sit`n go, but suck at cash games?

When I play hold`em, I can win some money at sit`n go`s only to blast it all, at the cash games later. Any thoughts?

admin answers:

Well you’re saying „blast it“ so it’s a good bet you’re throwing too much out there and people are picking you off. People tend to play looser in SNG’s where cash games tend to be tighter site for site. There are some sites where the SNG action is loose and juicy and the players play badly but if you sit down at a cash table it’s like playing with a bunch of 80 year old men only playing the top hands and if you’re not well you’re the fish at that table.

If you want to play both then first of all you’re going to have to be more selective about the cash games you’re playing in. This is true for everybody regardless and there’s too many cash tables – NL and limit both – that are too tight to even consider sitting down at.

Next you’re going to have to figure out how you’re losing at the cash games and adjust. They are not the same animal at all and it sounds like you are doing pretty well at SNG’s but have to LEARN to be successful in cash games. This means you need to back off the level for now until you can play well enough at the levels you want to be at so you’re not donating your SNG winnings.

On the other hand you could and maybe even should stick to SNG’s. If you’ve found something that works versus something that isn’t then maybe that’s the best move for you, and maybe dabble in some cash games on the side for now if you really want to do that and go from there.


Nancy asks…

Where in Vegas can I play poker in a sit-n-go tournament?

I’m going to Vegas this weekend and staying at the Mandalay Bay. I want to play in like a 10 person sit-n-go tournament. A good entry fee would be around $50 or less. Any suggesstions? What hotels in general offer sit-n-go tournaments or smaller/cheaper tournaments?

admin answers:

Google „Las Vegas poker tournaments“. I think every hotel has poker tournaments on a daily basis, usually Texas hold-em, with varying charges for the buy-in.


Mary asks…

Does a heads up sit n go require the most skill in texas hold em?

Is this the situation that would require the most skill to win consistently, or is it more luck?

admin answers:

Heads up in general requires more skill than any other form of poker whether it`s heads up or a cash game. The reasons for this are that there`s no sitting back here and you`re involved in every hand strategy wise in addition to being the form where you play your opponent at every turn. There`s nowhere to run nowhere to hide in heads up. The good news though is that if you hone your skills since skill is at the forefront here then you will do best at heads up and there are some serious games out there where you can rack up the chips.


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