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Chris asks…

math challenge question sum of squares of three positive odd integers?

The sum of the squares of three consecrutive positive odd integers is a 4-digit number, all of whose digits are identical. Compute this 4-digit number

show steps on how to approach and do this problem
the answer is 5555 but how
its 41^2+43^2+45^2
but how do you get that solution
shwo steps why is it 5555
explain and show each step

do it any method and you can’t use calculator
is there any equations you could set up

admin answers:

Here is one way to find the answer. Let x be and odd number. Then x-2, x, x+2 are three consecutive odd numbers. The sum of their squares is (x-2)^2 + x^2 + (x+2)^2, which simplifies to 3x^2 + 8. Also, squares of odd numbers are odd, and the sum of 3 odd numbers is odd. So we know that 3x^2 + 8 is an odd number.

Now every 4-digit number with identical digits is of the form 1111a, where a is a single digit positive integer, which must be odd to make 1111a an odd number. So we now know that

3x^2 + 8 = 1111a

where a is one of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

Now we see that 3x^2 = 1111a – 8, so the right side 1111a – 8 must be divisible by 3, so adding 9 to it (to make arithmetic easy) must also be divisible by 3. So now the question is:

1111a + 1 is divisible by 3, for which value of the possible values 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 of a.

A=1 gives 1112, not divisible by 3 (since the sum of its digits is not divisible by 3)
a=3 gives 3334, not divisible by 3 ( same reason)
a=5 gives 5556, is divisible by 3 (since the sum of its digits is 21 which is divisible by 3)
a=7 gives 7778, not divisible by 3
a=9 gives 9999+1 not divisible by 3.

Conclusion: if this problem has a solution at all then a=5 and 3x^2 + 8 = 5555.
In other words, 5555 is a possible solution and we need to check that it really is a solution.
3x^2 + 8 = 5555 implies that 3x^2 = 5547, so x^2 = 1849, so x^2 = 43^2, so x=43.
So the 3 consecutive odd integers are 41, 43, 45 and sure enough 41^2+43^2+45^2 = 5555.

Robert asks…

I’m 21 years old and my Math is below third grade level.?

Yes… I am serious, I am so horrible at Math that anything beyond BASIC Multiplication „such as anything below 5×5“ is impossible for me without the use of a calculator.
The odd thing is that I had straight-A’s in every other subject whilst in school I had spent many long hours after class with one-on-one lessons with my teachers, I begged them to help me, opened my mind, but no matter what I couldn’t figure it out.

My parents tried Homeschooling, tutoring, switching teachers, councelling, etc… if you can think of anything pertaining to learning Math I went through it, I even WANTED to learn and would practice in my room but nothing would sink in.

I know that I am not a complete imbecile and excell at many things and have my own strengths but Algebra kills me. The odd thing is that I work in the Science field despite the glaring weakness and manage to do okay… I also am a fairly logical person so that may compensate for it.

On another note, I was diagnosed with Aspergers by a couple Doctors although a few others believe that it is a false diagnosis because I look people in the eyes while talking and am not shy at all. Also I really don’t go out of my way to help humanity and I don’t care much for animals and find them to be a waste of money to take care of. I also am ambidextrous and have decent handwriting and am not clumsy. I also have never done any drugs or smoked cigarettes in my life!

In fact the only symptoms I have in common with Aspergers are
-I use logic more than average
-I am horrible at math

and that’s it so if I do somehow have High functioning autism it is VERY mild at best.

Is something wrong with my brain? I have noticed that I always have a slight „fuzzy“ sensation that I doubt others deal with, it’s a somewhat soothing sensation that is very mild and relaxing which makes it hard to fully grasp what others around me are doing and I’m kind of in my own world I guess you could say.

I already know that I am a predominately left-brained individual and have been told that MANY times, but how is that possible if I am unable to learn math?

Don’t even bother mentioning that I can,after trying for a decade I doubt that it’s possible, maybe my brain has a malfunctioing nerve somewhere that makes it impossible?
Also I apologize for the occasional grammatical errors, I kept adding more information without revision. As you can see this is a bit stressful of a topic for me and I had to add all that I could.

admin answers:

It’s ok every one is not good at every thing like i’m good at something and aw full at another thing 😀
you could find something your good at maybe your good at sport’s
but if you love math’s and that’s your goal put your Calculator away and try try and try let your brain think some people get it at first but some need practice
math and physic’s need a lot practice
try changing your teacher’s because if their not perfect they cant learn you anything (iknow you tried only if they are not perfect they self)
and think positive about your knowledge not negative
oh and try to focus on your lesson’s don’t look at your teacher while studding and going into wondering about something else ins-ted of focusing on your lesson

and be sure it’s nothing with your brian just stop thinking of negative’s about yor self

good luck

Helen asks…

Odd-ball math questions.?

I have three questions.

1. 2^5/2 – 2^3/2=?
2. 125^1/2 = ?
3. If A is an acute angle and sinA=1/2, then cosA = ?

I need to know how to do these longhand without a calculator and I’m not quite sure how to do that. Unfortunately I will be taking a placement exam with questions like these in which calculators will not be allowed so I’m stumped as to how to do this longhand. I very much appreciate the help and would rate the answers if Yahoo let me.

admin answers:

1. 2^(5/2) – 2^(3/2) = [2^(1/2)]^5 – [2^(1/2)]^3

remember that 2^(1/2) = sqrt(2)
sqrt(2) ^2 = 2
u^5 = u^2 * u^2 * u
u^3 = u^2 * u

this now becomes:
(sqrt(2))^4 sqrt(2) = 4sqrt(2)
(sqrt(2))^2 sqrt(2) = 2sqrt(2)
4sqrt(2) – 2sqrt(2) = 2sqrt(2) <=== answer

2. 125^(1/2) = sqrt(125) = sqrt(25 * 5) = sqrt(25)sqrt(5) = 5sqrt(5) = 5 * 5^(1/2)

to simplify radicals, look for factors that are perfect squares
you can then take the square root of that number

3. Draw a right triangle where sinA = 1/2 = opp / hyp
meaning that opp = 1 and hyp = 2

opp^2 + adj^2 = hyp^2 (by Pythagoras)
1^2 + adj^2 = 2^2
adj^2 = 4 – 1 = 3
adj = sqrt(3)

cosA = adj / hyp = sqrt(3) / 2

I think the easiest way to do these problems is to sketch the triangle defined by the trig ratio, use Pythagoras to find the other side, and once you have all three sides you can write whatever ratio you want

Lisa asks…

Math problems…….?

Pretty straightforward…show your work, don’t just give me some answer you got by plugging those into a calculator.

Do the odd ones only

admin answers:

Wow. Nice try with this question. Do you really think someone will do your homework for you? If they do, I give you a lot of credit.

Donna asks…

What are the odds of this person finding happiness?

5’4″ (bottom 5th percentile of American Men)
115 lbs (bottom 5th percentile of American Men)
Nerdy (less than 10% of a given population)
Linux User (less than 5% of nerds)
Reform Jew (0.35% of the American population)

I’m having trouble doing the math here, my calculator won’t go to that many decimal places. Anyone have any guesses?
Loud Howard:

I’m trying to make myself look bad here, that’s precisely why I didn’t mention penis size.

Would you please hush and let me prove my point?

admin answers:


You’d maybe have to have a sizable tool to compensate for the other raw percentages here,

However, there is someone for everyone,
(excluding my neighbor)—-(for whom there is no one)

You on the other hand, have a chance, and it’ll stun you when it happens, do not look, your mate will just appear in the least of expected places,

So be ready, because when you least expect it, expect it.

(Yeah, Howard be thy name)


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