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Helen asks…

Is it worth while to use an odds calculator for playing limit texas hold’em?

Someone once told me that if u use an odds calculator and only ever play when the odds are in your favour or you are getting good pot odds then over time you will win. Is this true?

admin answers:

Not really
because there is always that chance to get beat by the only card in the deck
and if you only play when the odds are in your favor..more than likely you wont be playing for a long time
you always have to take risk to win
some times bluffs work just as well

Michael asks…

Where can i find a hold em odds calculator free for download?

admin answers:

Why not just use the one on Its free to use.

David asks…

are there any truly free pot odds calculator programs available that will work on full tilt?

admin answers:

Join some forums, and get friendly with people that write scripts. Other wise try this site make sure and do some research on Auto Hot Keys. There should be a pot odds AHK or two for FTP there.Lot of other free goodies for custom FTP and Stars stuff. GL
^Good training site that can teach you different in and outs of poker math. Cheap and good.

James asks…

Where can I find a good texas hold’em odds calculator?

admin answers:


This one is even better, but you have to download it:

Sharon asks…

What are the odds of a calculator making a mistake?

….Without the programmer making a mistake when entering values.

admin answers:

The odds are: 1/-529sqrt(x-90)^2 x L^-1/cos51*(theta)


Then again,

my calculator could be wrong.

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