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Paul asks…

What kind of salary does a poker dealer make?

I am thinking of going to dealer school. What kind of salary does a poker dealer make?

admin answers:

Expect to get minimum wage plus tips. The upside is the tips can be very nice, but in many places you have to share a portion of your tips with various other poker room staff.

Helen asks…

What is the best real money poker website to use?

I live in the US and since some of the sites dont have real money poker anymore, which seems to be the best site that does let you play for real money? What is the most popular?

admin answers:

If you are looking for the best poker site, i recommend this site

Lisa asks…

What is the secret to playing poker professionally?

I have been struggling trying to make a living playing poker but I know that it’s possible. What’s the secret?

admin answers:

I have seen many interviews with poker players and almost all of them have said to build up a bankroll before you quit your job until you have a couple years worth of income to support your bills while you try to make a living off of gambling. You can build up your bankroll by playing online and treat it like a second job, everyday for a couple hours a day. This building up of your bankroll will also give you practice. As your bankroll becomes larger, don’t splurge on fancy items quite yet as that money has to sustain you for awhile as you will have many days where yo uwill lose money, and not win. When you feel you are ready to play bigger tournaments in person, start out at neighborhood bars that maybe running tournaments (poker bar leageu for one) as it will give you another chance to learn how to read people and more practice. Once you feel confident there, make your move into the various casinos around the country, if you are under 21, you can play Poker in MN casinos.

Good Luck

Mandy asks…

What is a good brand of poker playing cards?

Hey I’m 17 and am looking for a cheap holiday present for my bro who is in college right now. I know he loves poker, and he has a great set of chips, but his cards always get bent and frayed. I know this bothers him, so he would appreciate a good pack of cards. I’ve heard that really good cards are like plastic coated or something and are highly resistant to damage and bending and stuff. Anyone have any suggestions of where I could find such an item? Thanks!

admin answers:

Bicycle makes a plastic (not just plastic coated) playing card that should last. You can buy them in nearly any drug or discount store for about $5 a deck.

Mary asks…

How do you play against amateur poker players?

What tips do you have to play against poker players who have only recently learned how to play the game?

admin answers:

Just play your regular game. Just what you will see here that here you can get an easy win by just using little strategies. Amateur players mostly believe that these games are only based on luck. So they just go for the cards. If they got good cards then they go forward for the bet. But if the found it a bad hand, they just simply fold it out. So manage your play according to that. You can win easily by bluffing with them.

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