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John asks… money?

i just created a account , how do i transfer money to my account ?
Thanks for the help

admin answers:

Pokerstars.NET is for play money only > pokerstars.COM is for real money (or play money).

Joseph asks…

Help downloading

When I click to download I it comes up with a box that has the options of open, save, or cancel. In the example download pictures on the website it shows a box with a run setting. So I tried clicking open and even save but it never actually downloads it. when i click open it just runs through and then disapears. Any ideas whats wrong?

admin answers:

Open, for an executable file, is Run. (Opening it runs it.) If the file never downloads, the most likely cause is that there’s something wrong on the site. Since that’s not the case (I had no problem downloading it), either it’s downloading and you just don’t know that it is, or you have something wrong with your computer.

Maria asks…, texas hold em‘?

okay guys, on i really need to know how to get more money to register to play in the sit n‘ go area. can anyone please help me? by the way, it’s in play money.

people have been telling me to go to the cashier button & they’ll give me 1,000 in play money but there is no cashier button?

PLEASE help me! i’m desperate! haha, 🙂

admin answers:

If you downloaded the program from „.net“, you need to redownload the program from „.com“. You should uninstall the old program and install the .com version on your computer.

The .net version of the program does not allow you to play for real money. The same is true for Full Tilt. They do this so that they can legally advertise on television.

William asks… making me change my ‚Name‘?

My name is ‚IamGod&Satan‘, they told me that I must change my name because it is offensive and/or confusing to other players.

Doesn’t the ‚Charter of Rights and Freedom‘ allow me to have ‚Freedom of Thought‘? Could I sue them for being prejudiced against my account name?

admin answers:

It’s a private website. They’re allowed to be prejudiced. If you don’t want to abide by their rules they can cancel your account.

Carol asks… NAPL Senior Devision Ticket?

I’m new to pokerstars and I won a ticket in the nightly NAPL $500 freeroll. I was wondering what can be done with this ticket if anything can be done with it.

admin answers:

I’m guessing they used to have tournaments or something. I have no idea either. I think the nightly freerolls are the only NAPL tournaments they do right now.

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