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Jenny asks…

How do I find underground poker games?

I’ve tried the regular internet based boards like homepokergames.

What I’m referring to are the underground clubs.

Any ideas?

admin answers:

Nowadays, they shouldn’t be too hard to find. You just have to do some looking. The best way I’ve found is to simply talk about poker. It really is its own little community. Someone hears you talking about the WSOP on TV and the $100 you won from your buddy at your home game Saturday night, he’ll soon enough invite you to his little home game and so on. Before you know it, you wind up sitting with a friend of a friend’s friend in a league tournament in the shed behind some guys house. Network, network, network!

Lisa asks…

Is it okay to play online poker games for real cash in Arizona? What about Casinos?

If you know of any good resources to find out, please share. Thank you!

admin answers:

As an online poker player located in the United States you are NOT violating the UIEGA or any other federal law, but you might be violating State or Tribal law depending on the laws in the State or Native American Reservation where you are located. It is your responsibility to determine the legality of playing online poker under the law where you are located.

For more information on this including the laws in your juridiction „where ever it might be“ please see the site below and click he U.S. Player Funding tab.

Nancy asks…

Is playing online cash poker games legal in Texas?

What that means is can I actually be ok if I cash checks that I make out of playing poker online?

admin answers:

The laws against online gambling are centered around the financial institutions that process the payments, not the players. These laws are also U.S. Laws which means if the payment processor is not located in the U.S., the law doesn’t hold as much weight.

The challenge is, finding a good online casino that accepts U.S. Players. Otherwise, you shouldn’t have a problem cashing your checks.

Steven asks…

What is the best way to build up a 100 bankroll for online poker – cash games, SNGs or MTTs?

if you want to perhaps turn 100 to 1000 through solid TAG poker, which is the best route to build your BR. do most online pros just play cash games? can playing sngs do it to? i’m thinking MTTs would need a higher BR….

admin answers:

I started with absolutely nothing on PokerStars, trying to build a bankroll like Chris Ferguson did at FT. I won a buck in a freeroll, used it to win another buck in a ring game, and 6 months later I’m up to about $50, and I’ve done it primarily through single table S’n’G’s. The reasoning is simple: 30% of the players get paid. A single table SNG has 9 players, 3 of which will make the money. MTT’s rarely pay more than 20%. Ring games can be faster, but there’s more variance built into those games. A bad run of hands on a SNG will only cost you the buyin, while a bad run on a ring game can cost you up to 5% of your total BR! Assuming you’re practicing good bankroll management, of course. A lot of it comes down to what kind of games you’re best at. Are you a grinder? Then play limit hold’em ring games. Final table wizard? Play the single table SNG’s. But stay away from the big tournaments if you’re looking to steadily build. I’ve played almost exculsively $1.00 + 0.20 SNG’s, and it’s worked well for me. I would also tend to steer away from NL cash games, as the swings can get huge. But if that’s what you’re good at, by all means sit at those tables. Good luck.

Ken asks…

Are there any online poker games where you don’t have to bet real money?

I don’t want to bet actual money, but I want to play online poker.

admin answers:

On facebook there is Zanger poker, and also if u just type it in on google you can get it.
You don’t have to play with real money, it gives you loads of chips for free.
If you want more then you can pay real money for them, but you don’t really need to pay!!
It’s a good site!
Would recommend!

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