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Richard asks…

Texas Holdem Poker Rules?

I have a question about texas holdem poker, I hope maybe someone can help me with?

If half way through a tournament it is discovered there is missing cards from the deck, what is the official ruling on what course of action to take?

Do you restart the entire game and everyone starts with the original amount of chips? or do you change the deck of cards and carry on?
Please only reply if you know the official ruling on this. Thanks.

admin answers:

There is no OFFICIAL ruling because this would not happen at a casino style organized game . NOw at a backdoor game i believe the deck should be switched and everyone keep playing because everyone was playing with the handicap of a missing card so it’s still fair but to take someone who is up 10k and say my bad there is a card missing sorry we have to start all over .. That is not fair

Sharon asks…

Poker Rules? All in and betting help?

Poker Rules? All in and betting help?
Could anyone please help with this urgently.
In Texas Hold Em (no limit) what are the rules on somebody calling an all in and meeting the minimum bet.
I.e. if the blinds are say 100/200 and a person goes all in with 250 chips does the next person have to place 400 chips in the pot (to call the 250 and complete the minimum raise) and then all others have to call the 400 atleast to play. If no one calls this the player who placed the 400 in can take 150 back.
I have found these rules on the internet and it is how i have been running my tournement but 1 player is now disputing this and would like to resolve this asap.
Could people answer this could you please let me know if you are familiar with this and what poker background you have.
I would be most grateful for any help.
Many Thanks in advance

admin answers:

I agree with the other person who answered (because he is right!) that you never have to call more than what a bet was, even if it was a sub-minimum all in.

There are two tricky issues about sum-minimum all-in bets that you should be aware of:
1. What’s the next minimum raise? Typically, a minimum raise in a no-limit or pot limit game indicates a beginner, but it will still be asked. There isn’t a hard and fast rule here — I’ve seen it go either way.
Say the first bet (or the blind) is $100, and someone goes all in for $125, most places play that you can make a minimum raise which essentially completes the raise — i.e. To $200 — and other places play that a minimum raise is $100, so the smallest next increment is $225. You could do it either way, but decide up front what it is and stick with it. (This is for no- or pot-limit. In limit, the next raise is to complete the raise that was made, usually, though I have seen it where the next raise is a full raise. Obviously, whichever your house rule states isn’t a „minimum“ raise in limit poker, it’s the only choice.)

2. Does a sub-minimum all-in raise open up the betting again for the original bettor? This is very tricky, because the answer differs for limit vs. No- or pot-limit.
Set-up: On the flop, let’s say that Player A bets $100, B goes all in for $150, and C calls. (Both A and C have lots more money in front of them.) Can Player A reraise?
Answer: In no- or pot-limit, emphatically NO! Only a complete raise re-opens the betting for the original bettor. However, in limit, because the all-in was more than half of the bet, then yes, Player A may now raise again, though (see #1) in most places, all he can do is to complete the bet to $200.

Donald asks…

What are the rules of dollar bill poker,if the letters at the end of the serial # are the same is it a flush?

admin answers:

We just take each letter/number and letter and treat it as a card. Best hand in five „cards“ is the winner. But if you get caught using a real good dollar bill more than once, you pay everone playing $2.

Jenny asks…

what is the rules strip poker?

i am invited to a strip poker party and we went threw the rules it is this; the looser will be naked throughout the night in a sleepover with boys and girls.
i never played strip poker so plz tell me the rules.
What happens when you don’t take your clothes off when your suppose to because im pretty sure it’s going to happen.
and What is the first thing you take off when you play strip poker

admin answers:

Right. YOU and your friends decide what the rules are. If people don’t agree to the rules, then you shouldn’t be playing the game.

Lisa asks…

its a simple poker question for most people who know basic rules of poker?

ok, then i played poker recently and have beeen playing for a month or two. in a game i had 3 fives and my opponent had three 8’s. why did he win? what are the rules to do with this? top answer will be the one that answers fully.

admin answers:

When you have a „three of a kind“ like this, and another player has a „three of a kind“ you basically tie. Then, to see who will win the match, whomever has the highest value card wins. In your case, you had 5’s, while the opponent had 8’s. Since 8 is a higher number than 5, he won.

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