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George asks…

Has anyone been to Jackson Rancheria’s Poker Room? Is it good? What type of poker games do they host?

Has anyone been to Jackson Rancheria’s Poker Room? Is it good? What type of poker games do they host?

admin answers:

I use that site all the time…

James asks…

Anyone know of any poker games in the Philadelphia area?

Looking for any open spots in some friendly poker games. No High stakes but looking for anything ranging from 1/2 NL – 5/10 NL and 3/6 Limit – 5/10 Limit. I live in montgomery county so anything around or in Philadelphia would be okay. thanks.

admin answers:

If you want a professional place to go, you are only an hour from Atlantic City.
If you want a game in your own neighborhood, go to This free site brings local people together that have a similar interest. I found my current home game on there we play sit-n-go tournaments every other Tuesday now.

Daniel asks…

Best web site for playing Power Poker video poker games online?

I think it’s called Power Poker. It’s a multi-hand video poker game.

admin answers:

If you are looking for multihand Power Poker video poker games, here’s a great resource that should have everything you need:

Good luck and have fun!

Sandra asks…

Are there any online poker games where you can go all in?

Does anyone know of a free online poker game where you can set how much you want to be instead of always being restricted to a certain amount? I want one where you can chooose the amount you want to put in.

admin answers:

Without question, Party Poker is the biggest, most popular of all online poker rooms. You’ve probably heard about them in the news following their company flotation. Party Poker boast something like 70,000+ players and they continue to go from strength to strength.

In short, if you’re looking for online poker then I have no hesitation in recommending you play there. They even have free-play tables so you can play 24/7, live with other real players without even risking a dime, penny or whatever it is you choose to play with.

They offer texas hold’em and other poker games.

Click here to visit Party Poker:

Ken asks…

What casinos in South Korea offer hold’em poker games?

The only one I was able to find was in Seoul, Walker Hill Poker Room. Thing is that Seoul is a 4 hour bus ride from where I am. I was wondering if there were any other casinos in South Korea that spread texas hold’em or other poker table games such as omaha or stud.

admin answers:

Poker is very new in Korea, still.

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