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Joseph asks…

How to recognize poker hands quickly?

I know the basic rules of poker. But I have trouble recognizing the various combinations of hands quickly. How can I improve?
a question about the first answer: what does the following mean… „Do this while not in the hand, too.“

admin answers:

Learn the rank of hands more. Study them and you will start to see them.

Open a play money account and play for free. Pokerstars is a good site. The more hands you see, the more you will learn and the easier it gets.

Use a deck by your self and deal out 7 hands face up so you can see all the cards. Then do flop turn and river. And after each one analyze each hand and figure out what each person would have at that time, and what cards would help them out to make a better hand.

Always pay attention. Even if youve folded and aren’t part of a hand, always watch other people. See what hands they could be going for if on a draw. Or what they might have based on whats on the board.

Watch Poker on TV alot. Its everywhere. They show you their hands. Look for what hand they have at the time and listen to the anouncers because they tell you.

In time the more hands you see, the easier it will be. (hey, that rhymed, sweet.) So however possible just see as many hands as possible. And play as much as possible.

Chris asks…

what is the order of poker hands and their values?

In a game of poker, what is the order of all the hands from worst to best

admin answers:


You can view a complete listing of Poker Hand Rankings including low hands here:

You can view some strategy articles at:

Paul asks…

What hands in poker are the best?

i know that a Royal Flush is the best, but sometimes i wonder things like ‚which wins a full house or 4 of a kind?“ (I actually know the answer to that one) So can you list poker hands from best to worst?

Also, you don’t have to be too specific, for example you could say „pair“ but you wouldn’t have to list every type of pair.

admin answers:

Whenever I play poker I print out a cheat sheet. I’ve linked it below.

William asks…

How do you calculate the total number of possible poker hands (2598960)?

Also, how do you calculate the probablity of getting two pairs?

admin answers:

There are 52 cards to choose from, and 5 cards to choose, so the number of ways is 52C5 = 2598960.

If you aren’t familiar with the notation, 52C5 is read „52 choose 5“ and is defined as:

nCr = n! / [ r! (n – r)! ]

Most scientific and graphing calculators have an nCr button.

Sandra asks…

The problem revolves around probabilities of poker hands?

The problem revolves around probabilities of poker hands?
A poker hand consists of five cards selected at random from a 52-card deck, where the order of choice does not matter.
1) What is the probavillity of receiving a flush? (In percentage?)
2) What is the probability of a four of a kind?
3) What is the probability of a three of a kind?

(please can someone help me understand these problems? as I have no clue how to do them?)

admin answers:

1) flush 0.2 %
2) carré 0.024 %
3) 2.113 %


1) 1 * (12/51) * (11/50) * (10/49) * (9/48)
2) C(5,4) 1 * (3/51) * (2/50) * (1/49) * (48/48)
= 5 * 1 * … = 0.00024 = 0.024 %
3) C(5,3) * 1 * (3/51) * (2/50) * (48/49) * (44/48)
= 0.02113 = 2.113 %
( C(5,3) = 5!/3!2! = 10 )
and n! = n*(n-1)*(n-2)*…*3*2*1 (factorials)
so 5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120

Explanation. If you place the obtained combination
in front in order of your hand then the first card doesn’t
matter so probability 1, for the first card. Then you
have to express that the second card is of the same suit
for a flush or rank for (3/4) of a kind. For flush there are
12 cards left of the same suit. For (3/4) of a kind 3 cards
of the same rank. You continue….
After that you multiply by the combinations of the possible
placements of those poker-combinations in your hand.
E.g. Carré. The 5th card that doesn’t belong to the carré
can be first, second, … 5 possible combinations here.
For three of a kind C(5,3) = 5*4/2 = 10 possible placements of the two cards not belonging to the three of a kind.
Multiplying all odds gives the result. Good luck !

If you have further questions regarding probability
calculations, you can always e-mail me at
I love probability calculations and i would gladly
help you understand them more !

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