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Donald asks…

Anyone know any good poker sites or card & board games?

Im looking for a site where they keep track of your ratings and has a large selection of card and board or poker games.

admin answers:

Visit for reviews on all the major poker sites as well as the best bonuses.

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know a site which explains how to play poker games and common card games?

I want to learn how to play poker, everyone around me plays it all the time and have big great laughs, and im completely clueless, what is the most common type, how do you play it?

admin answers:

A good site to learn how to play poker is
It describes all the different types of poker games and how to play each one. It even teaches you the certain terms used in poker.

I personally play Texas hold em‘ the most. I just love it!

Linda asks…

I am fairly new to playing NL poker cash games, does anyone know of the best resources to improve my game?

For some reason, I just cant shake poker off me….I love the game with a passion and I want to be the best I can be. I feel pretty comfortable as a tournament player but cash games are a different beast.

admin answers:

Read as many books as you can
Super System 1 & 2 are 2 of the better ones
there is many more out there that you can buy and read
i tend to avoid cash games because you can loose a lot if there is no limits

Helen asks…

What are the laws for running poker games out of your house in Ontario?

Title says it all, what are the laws for home gaming?

admin answers:

You can’t charge the players a rake, a fee, or anything else and if that’s the case you’re OK.

King Cobra Poker

Sandra asks…

Best Poker games and hotel deals in Atlantic City?

My friends and I are making a trip to Atlantic City on March 2nd til the forth, which is on a wednesday and thursday night. We want to find a hotel/casino that has a great bar(s) and a nice poker room. Any such hotels that also offer a good package deal?

admin answers:

My favorite hotel there is the Borgata. They have a nice poker room, from what I’ve seen (I’m not a poker player). They also have some pretty nice bars.

They don’t have too many packages. Http:// I usually just do the Wake Up Smiling package because it comes out to be less expensive than just booking the room on its own.

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