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Jenny asks…

How much do Pro Poker Players make from Pokerstars endorsements?

I want to know how much poker players make from endorsements, Pokerstars or not, I would like some info on the topic. DO YOU THINK THEY MAKE OVER 100,000 a year from endorsements alone??? YES OR NO QUESTION

admin answers:

Most sites the pros own a piece of the site and some are even traded on the European stock exchange its not a $ amount its stock options they get….

Charles asks…

Is there anyway to change my user name on Pokerstars?

I’ve only played for play money and didn’t know you couldn’t change your screen name once you created one. Do you think Pokerstars would allow me to change or start a new screen name?

admin answers:

You need to email them and get permission

Richard asks…

Can you transfer money to a friend on PokerStars?

Is it possible for someone to transfer money to a friend’s PokerStars account? I see „Transfer“ on PokerStars, but it doesn’t really explain much. I also see „To Player ID“ and if you can transfer money to someone else how do they find their Player ID?

admin answers:

Your Player ID is your user name. It’s what you use to log in to the site. If you don’t know your user name, then you can’t play anyway.

Enter your friend’s Player ID and I believe it’ll ask you to confirm some of your friend’s info (like first initial of last name or something). Enter the amount and he should get the money shortly afterwards.

Lizzie asks…

Please tell me a real good site to sell my pokerstars play money chips at?

I need to sell my pokerstars play money chips right now. I sold to the other day but they aint on right now. anyone know?

admin answers:
The minimum you can sell is 100k play money chips

Robert asks…

Where can I sell my PokerStars play chips and get real money?

Does anyone know where I can sell my Pokerstars chips and get real money for it.. like real pokerstars cash? I’ve used and – both great but i need more for when they arent online.. and maybe ill end up finding someone better. Please let me know!

admin answers:

Why not talk to that guy who had paypal and wanted to buy pokerstars chips?

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