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Ken asks…

Farmville and facebook news feed/profile wall: How do I keep separate?

Here’s the story. None but 2 of my regular Facebook friends play farmville and I needed neighbors to play. So I added all these people as friends I found on a farmville facebook page. But I didnt want these new friends I got just for farmville seeing my regular wall postings/news feeds. So I created a „Farmville only“ group and limited what these „farmville only“ friends could see on my wall/profile but I cant do the reverse. I want my farmville only friends from facebook to see farmville wall activity like when I need an item or Im adopting out a wandering animal. I have contacted a couple of my farmville only friends and they tell me they cant see any of my farmville wall postings. I think they can see it through the Zynga game bar but most have not downloaded it. Can they see my farmville activity through the game feed (the feed with the picture of the poker chips.)? I have no idea if my regular facebook friends are being bombarded with farmville stuff or not. When I scroll up and down my facebook wall, none of the farmville postings have a little lock to adjust the settings to my exclusive farmville friends group. There is, as far as I can tell, no way to let just my farmville friends see my farmville activity. I want to keep the two areas seperate and by maintaing strict privacy over my facebook acct., I have kept my farmville neighbors from actively helping me. any way for my exclusive farmville friends group to see my farmville activity and no one else? I know I can refuse to post my activity on the wall when I am in farmville but if I dont post, how will anyone know that Im giving away fuel or have a extra something to give away? It seems farmville and facebook never anticipated that maybe we might have 2 seperate groups of friends and that maybe our regular friends dont want to know every time we get a ribbon or have fuel to give away. I need these wall postings to let my farmville only friends know what Im up to since many refuse to download the game bar. Can somebody please tell me if Im missing a way to post this stuff on my wall when I am in the farmville game that only the 20-something people in my farmville only group can see. I always assumed that when I posted my farmville activity to my wall, they were able to see it but that may not be the case. (If I say no to posting a farmville activity to my wall, does it get seen anywhere else by my farmvile neighbors. That is basically what Im wondering.) Do I have to take the risk of allowing these farmville only friends to see everything on my wall in order for them to adopt my wandering animals or help me build a nursery barn. I am stumped how to notify them of what Im doing. Not everything within the farmville game pops up in the activity tab in farmville. Is there a way for the farmville feed to be seen by the exclusive group I created of 20-something people and no one else? I dont want my regular FB friends being bombarded with farmville junk via my main wall and I want to make sure my farmville only group sees all these postings/feeds.

admin answers:

When you post stuff to your wall and the window for that pops up, klick the little lock symbol, choose „custom edit“ and then put in the list with all your farmville friends – that should work.

Seems like I’m not the only one addicted to FB games ^^
Hope you’re not also spending as much on them as I do …
Geez I bought a 25 Euro paysafecard last tuesday and now it’s gone already :-/

David asks…

What are your comments on „Do You Follow The News Lately“ poem?

That there first lady be lookin good….in Spain….
twenty-two paid attendants followed her there.

And the rains keep falling, falling, falling….worldwide….
some cry Allah, some Yahweh, some Buddha….
some cry „Why your punishment, my God?“
God answers, „Uranium ain’t my bag.“

„Bonnie and Clyde“ went to Yellowstone Park….
Cataclysmic eruption way overdue….
Old Faithful don’t lie. Neither does a ‚tilting‘ lake….
What’s this about seismic reports?

Fidel spoke of nuclear war in the Middle East….
JFK stopped Fidel’s own nuclear gamble….
‚From Russia, With Love’….
poker-face JFK won that hand, hands down.

He bought the bullets labelled,
„From the War Industry, with love’….

One hundred feet from interception….
bottom kill to follow,
and Mother Nature sends a daughter
to have ‚high tea‘ with BP….

NYSE should have put NOAA on the DOW….

Hillary asked Chelsea,“Did you have sex
before you married him?“
Chelsea answered,“Don’t know. I’ll have
to ask Dad.“

The news, chewsy lil bits not marinated,
And oozing blood
from their latest kills…..

admin answers:

What a come back performance, Take a bow.
Media bites, become check out counter rag sheets.

Paul asks…

How much did state bureaucrats skim from this pot?

…and their crony bankers? …and their crony retail magnates?

Where are these public financial reports, and how reliable are they? Are there independent auditors?

Doesn’t this have to be among the easiest working and poor class ripoffs that your rich class has devised yet? Hope you don’t get caught playing poker at your community center – show a little integrity.

admin answers:

They took damn near all his winnings.

That’s big government for you. They tell us that extra money goes to schools, and hospitals and such. But we all know it don’t.

Your right, it goes to the crony bankers.

Daniel asks…

new poker venue in geelong winners prize is 1/2hour with female?

aired on channel 7sunday night news

admin answers:

Those are some seriously lonely poker guys…

Laura asks…

what is your opinion about moving the wsop final table?

for those who haven’t heard, read this:

personally, i believe that this is a totally preposterous idea…sure it will generate more interest, but to me the decision destroys the integrity of the final table and of the tournament itself…it was meant to be that in poker tournaments the info you gained about your opponents would be advantageous, but apparently when playing for a world championship you won’t be able to use it? that’s ridiculous, and to me it makes every table besides the final table meaningless in every way aside from chip count, because none of the info you gain from previous play will be pertinent…also, there are a number of other risks associated, the chief one being, what if someone doesn’t show? how can you overlook this possibility?

bottom line, imo, the whole thing is just flat-out insanity, but what do you guys think?
i expand upon some of my opinions in my 360 blog:

admin answers:

That’s just crazy. I could see possibly holding it off for a week or two to promote it like the NFL does with the Super Bowl. But that’s just absurd.

Alot could happen to a player in that time. Also the players that are left could do research on remaining players. Something that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Not to mention changing someones luck. If they are on their hottest streak ever, like Jamie Gold the year he won, and the break messes that all up theres gonna be some ticked off people.

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