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Sandy asks…

What kind of poker games will they be offering at the tri-state race track and gaming center?

In Nitro,WV.

admin answers:

Limit and no limit as well as stud

Good Luck!

Sandra asks…

How do I learn to text-talk during a poker game on Yahoo Games?

How do I talk to other players during a Hold Em Poker game on Yahoo?

admin answers:

In the middle of screen is a box labeled“ say “ type message click send.

Maria asks…

Suggestions about mixing blind bet games and ante games in home poker games?

My friends and I have played hold ‚em for a while, but we’ve been wanting to get a dealer’s choice game going. For those of you who play dealer’s choice home games, what are your house rules regarding blinds when someone calls a game that is traditionally played with antes instead of blinds,specifically, 7 Card Stud? Do you not allow this at all? Or do a couple lucky players get to skip the blinds during that orbit…or do you guys have some other rule?

admin answers:

If a dealer calls for 7-card stud, then you ought to be playing it with antes. If you insist on playing it with blinds, then just continue to start the game just like any other blind game. The person to the dealer’s left puts out a small blind, and the person to his left puts out a big blind. After the first 3 cards are dealt, go around the table start from the left of the big blind and see who is going to call or raise or fold to the big blind’s bet.

When we play home games, we predominantly play stud games, so we usually use antes. Whenever we decide to play a blind game like Texas Hold ‚em, we usually agree to play it one full time around so that EVERYONE gets to be dealer one time for the game.

If your friends insist on playing antes for stud games and blinds for games like hold ‚em and it’s strictly Dealer’s Choice all night long, it would greatly benefit you to ALWAYS choose a Blind game whenever you’re dealer since the dealer gets such a great advantage when playing those games.

Helen asks…

Is it legal in Ontario Canada to host poker games in a bar or roadhouse if there is no money exchanged?

No betting will take place, but the players will be incouraged to tip the volunteer dealer.

admin answers:

Its only illegal if you get caught by the Mounties……..

George asks…

Is there a web site that lists all television broadcasts of poker games?

I’d like to be able to look in advance and see when and where WSOP, WPT, Poker Superstars, etc. are being broadcast. I figured someone might have collated all those and posted them on a site. I’ve looked at Card Player’s site, but I didn’t see anything.

admin answers:

This is the best one that I know of…


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