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Michael asks…

What are your fav strip poker rules?

I’ve played strip poker with a bunch of different rules, I was wondering if anyone has any favorite strip poker rules.

admin answers:

My rule is to only play if all the other players are female. I might not win…..but how can i lose?

Nancy asks…

where can i find or can someone give me simple poker rules.?

my girl mates and i want to have a lads night in and poker is a must—uno problemo, we dont know how to play and the guys wont teach us 🙁

no las vagas rules or anything lol. nothing too confusing thank you 🙂 🙂

admin answers:

Good luck, I personally feel that Euchre is much better then poker, but hey, it’s good to know how to play.

Sandy asks…

Texas Hold em Poker rules help?

I’m new to poker and i’ve decided to play this one in particular, but the problem is, i don’t konw how. I’ve searched the web, but the rules sound to complicated for me so i need a simple version of the game to be able to understand it – seeing as i’m only a kid. I need help on how the rules work and how you actually play the game.

admin answers:

Hope you know which hands win and which don’t, if you don’t then you can look that up easily.

First everybody is dealt 2 cards from the deck. Then just place the rest of the deck in the middle of the table, but beware they will be used shortly. Based on those 2 cards alone the first bets are made, you either pay the allotted amount or fold. You can just throw all folded cards in a pile.

Then 3 cards from the deck are dealt face up in the middle of the table (called community cards). Now based on the the 2 cards in your hand and the 3 on the table (that everybody can use) you do another round of betting. Same betting applies, pay to play.

Now a card from the deck is turned faced down, just throw it in the folded, useless pile. And the 2nd card in the deck is turned face up and placed in the middle (community cards). This is done to prevent cheating and just piss everyone off. So essentially the 2nd card in the deck is being used and the card on top of the deck has no meaning. Betting is done.

Repeat the above step to get a total of 5 community cards, using those 5 cards along with the 2 in your hand, make the best hand possible. Winner take all.

There are also blinds to take into account, but thats another topic. I suggest you download a free poker program on the internet and play the play money games. In no time you’ll know how to play.

Joseph asks…

Questions about technical poker rules?

1. When a player exposes his cards prematurely (before everyone has folded and/or before the showdown), what is the technical ruling in a cash game?

2. In a cash game, if players are all in, are they required to show their hand? I was told that in Vegas, the dealers require you to turn over your cards, but online and on high stakes poker, the players are allowed to keep their cards face down if they wish. What is the official ruling here?

admin answers:

1. If a player shows his cards they he has folded his hand.

2. In a cash game if one player is all in you do not have to show your cards, but that can vary depending on the casino. I have played at Harrah’s casinos in Vegas and they do not require to have the cards shown in a cash game.

David asks…

What are the betting rules of strip poker?

As I understand it, clothing is used in place of chips or cash, therefore you could use your winnings as a wager. For example, when you win a hand, the other player removes and item of clothing and you can then put it on, giving you another item to come off before you start exposing anything. Like in regular poker, you add your winnings to your pile and use it in the game.
My boyfriend, on the other hand, thinks you just take off your clothes and leave them off, not give them to the winner. I think he’s just saying this to get me naked. What do you guys think?

admin answers:

The game can be played based on any variety of poker, with the same number of players, dealing and betting rules, and other details. It usually starts with all players wearing an equal number of articles of clothing. There are a number of ways in which the standard rules can then be developed into strip poker, with varying degrees of similarity to the poker betting found in casinos. Like many other adult party games, the rules are often flexible, and other activities can be included besides playing cards.

Basic Strip Poker Rules

In strip poker, instead of playing for cash, people play for clothes. Alternately, the game can start out with people playing for money, and when players run out of cash, they must offer up articles of clothing to remain in a hand. Whether the clothes are removed before or after the hand varies. Generally, any variation of poker can be played, or any game at all, though usually simpler games with fewer betting rounds — such as five card draw or one of its variations — are used to keep the game simple.

How Much Is Each Article Worth?

Before the game begins, players should agree to the value of different clothing items. For example, if a sock is worth one unit, is a shirt worth two? Similarly, is it possible for people to buy back clothes?

Losing and Winning

Generally, a person loses when they have lost all their clothing. The winner is usually the last person with clothes.

But basically the point of the game is to get someone naked…. No if and or but’s about it 😀

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