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Linda asks…

Movie with crazy poker rules?

Does anyone know what the movie is where there is a scene with some people playing poker and someone says some crazy rules like „7s are 2s“? Thats not what is said exactly but its something like that.

admin answers:

That was on the first episode of Burn Notice’s second season.
Sam is trying to get the client’s mind off of the fact that his family was kidnapped and he’s explaining the ridiculously complicated rules.
You should rent it and watch it, I bet it is the one your are talking about.

Donna asks…

What are the rules to each game in a Horse Poker Tournament?

Does anyone know the rules to each of the 5 Horse Poker variencts (e.g. Holdem / Omaha / Stud / etc) and do you have any tips on how to adapt to each game if you are already competent at Holdem

admin answers:

You can find the rules to each on as for tips, check that sites „Tips From the Pros“ section as it has an archive of all the tips from the Pros articles which have articles on several of the games involved in HORSE.

Sharon asks…

what are the rules of strip poker?

what are the rules of strip poker?

admin answers:

Same as a normal game of poker but when you loose a hand you loose clothing not money.

I advise you only play with members of the oppersite sex and also have large amounts of alcohol to hand to aid the striping proccess.


Mark asks…

Would you play poker where the rules are “living” and the house gets to interpret Hoyle?

The context of this question is recent comments about a „living“ Constitution.

admin answers:

Love it!
Of course the game you are describing is the game that is played using other peoples money!

John asks…

Im having trouble with some poker rules please help me out.?

Texas Hold-em Poker
1. Which is a stronger hand a straight flush from Ace to 5 or a Straight flush from 7 to Jacks?
2. Can you give examples on how a pot could be split?
3. Hierarchy of card color.

admin answers:

1. Strait Flush from 7 to jack because it goes to the higher card since your playing the ace as a low card.

2. Split pot occurs when you have the exact same 5 card hand as another player, color not counting for anything. Ex: Your hand= 4 9 Other hand= A 9 the board= 7 8 10 J 2, in this case you both have a strait

3. All colors of are equal value so no one suit is dominant over another

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