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Daniel asks…

Where can you play poker for free online besides pokerstars?

Pokerstars is horrible. The software is coded to allow more suckouts and rivers than normal so that shitty players will have more fun and stick around and the good players don’t dominate all the chips. Whats a more realistic program?

admin answers:

Play latest casino games at CoolCat Casino.

Paul asks…

How come there are no cash game options in my pokerstars lobby?

Hi guys. I remember when playing pokerstars there were the cash games and then there was a play money section. How come everything in my lobby now is play money? All game modes are play money and i can’t find the „cashier“ button which used to be there. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t access the cash account whatsoever. Can anyone please help me here? That would be greatly appreciated

admin answers:

You must have downloaded Play chips only site. Go to

Nancy asks…

How can i become a pokerstars moderator?

Thats basically it, how do i become a pokerstars moderator, i would really like to

admin answers:

First, email and ask them.

Charles asks…

What is the easiest way to get physical cash onto my pokerstars account?

What is the easiest way to get physical cash onto my pokerstars account? I cannot use my bank account or debit card. It’s only $70. I just don’t want my parents to see anything unusual on my bank statement. long story dont ask lol

admin answers:

– ask a friend of yours who is registered on pokerstars to transfer money to your pokerstars account.

– if you have enough skill you can try to win money with freeroll.

-it requires 3 or 5 hours to finish in the qualificatives seats for WR2 weekly final
-then you need to finish in the 20% WR2 saturday or sunday
you can win an amount between 0,40$ and 250$.

If you are not good in freeroll you will certainly loose in real money !

Carol asks…

How do i change the debit/credit card i am using to deposit money using echecks on PokerStars?

I have a new credit card and i want to deposit some money in my PokerStars account. When I go to cashier and click deposit using the instant echeck option, my (old) card info from prior deposits is already entered and unchangeable. Any help?

admin answers:

You have to e-mail them to get this changed. Same thing happened to me.

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