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Carol asks…

Can some please explain to me the rules of Poker? I don’t understand it. What is the best hand, the worst hand

The terminology? My husband and I have been watching a poker tournament on tv and neither of us understand what that ‚river card‘ is.

admin answers:

Arkguy did a pretty good job of answering however two mistakes

1. The flop is the first three cards that are placed on the board all at the same time. The turn (or fourth street) is dealt next and the the river (or fifth street) all of the cards on the board are dealt face up, it goes like this, after all players are dealt two cards face down and the opening round of betting is complete, the dealers burns one card (puts it aside face down) then deals 3 cards face up, 2nd round of betting, burn one card, turn dealt face up, 3rd round of betting, burn one card then the river is face up, final round of betting.

2. He was right on the rankings of hands but left out a straight flush which is 5 cards of the same suit in squential order and beats four of a kind but not a royal flush

William asks…

What are the exact rules to poker?

what is each card worth? how do you tell what’s better than what. is there a site that gives info on all of the card games?

admin answers:

Go to this website for very detailed information :

Donna asks…

Can someone please explain to me the basic rules of poker?

Email them to me at or just tell me in your answer.
Also post links with good websites.


admin answers:

Today, Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game because there is just enough skill and just enough luck to make it fun. To read the basic history and rules and stuff go here

Joseph asks…

Could somebody please explain to me the rules of betting in poker?

All i want to know is what is the minimum amount of chips can be ‚re-raised‘ after somebody raises you? Please give a/n example/s.

admin answers:

If someone raises (or even if they just make the first bet), the next raise must increase the bet by AT LEAST the number of chips of the increase in the last raise/bet.


Player A bets $20. Player B wants to Raise. Player B MUST make the bet a total of $40 or more.

Player B decides to raise the bet to $60. (Player A’s 20-bucks, plus a $40 raise.)

Player C wants to raise. The minimum they can make it is $100. That would be Player B’s $60, PLUS the amount of Player B’s 40-dollar raise.

Instead of raising the minumum, Player C decides to make it $150. (Player B’s $60 bet, plus $90 more.)

Player D wants to raise! (A lot of good hands, I guess!) Since Player C raised $90 more than Player B, Player D’s raise must be AT LEAST $90 more. So the minimum bet that Player D could make it would be to $240.

Player D decides to make it $450, and everyone folds. Player D flips over an 8-3 off-suit, and laughs his way to the cashier’s cage! (OK, and then I woke up!)

Maria asks…

Do you think it should be against the rules to wear sunglasses while playing Poker?

Isn’t one the key strategies in Poker the ability to read people’s facial expressions? Doesn’t this give people who wear sunglasses an unfair advantage?

admin answers:

I’ve heard this debate many many times. And it’s always been won by this argument; People who are really good at reading the body language of other people don’t really need to see the eyes. There are many other tells a person has and the ability to see that is crucial in the professional playing of poker. If you can’t read them, you shouldn’t be playing in the ‚big leagues‘. Much like any other sport, you need to be good enough at it to compete.

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