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Mandy asks…

Can I use a Visa giftcard to add money to my Pokerstars account?

I purchased a $25 Visa Gift Card. Can I use the money on the card and deposit it onto my Pokerstars account?

admin answers:

You should be able to.
They work the same as any other visa card

Chris asks…

How did I get real money in Pokerstars if I never made a deposit?

I’ve been playing Pokerstars for about 2 weeks. I didn’t deposit any real money into the account. I looked yesterday and I had $4. How did thus happen? I created a new account to see if it automatically gave it to you when you signed up but that account was dry. How come I had $4 in that account?
It says under transaction history that PROMOFUNDS PURCHASE deposited $5 into my account on March 18th.

admin answers:

That happened to me also. It is promo by pokerstars to get you to try the real money games. That way if you get hooked you will deposit money.

Laura asks…

How can I play Pokerstars without my parents knowing?

Here’s the deal.
I deposited a few hundred bucks into a pokerstars account and made money. My parents looked at my debit card log through my bank and saw I lost a bunch of money gambling. What they don’t know is that I cashed out with cold hard cash. They said if they catch me doing it again im kicked out of the house (I’m 18, Senior in HS). Any suggestions on how I can play secretly?

admin answers:

Ask yourself this: Is gambling more important to you than your family? You live in their household. They probably provide many things to you free of charge. I would suggest just to stop playing completely (if you can’t do that, then just play for free with play chips or on freerolls). You will have plenty of time to play poker and other gambling games when you are out on your own. I don’t think that you really want to sacrifice your family for that.

Donald asks…

Is it okay to lie about your age on if you want to play for free?

I’m not yet 18 (close enough, though), and I really want to sign up with, but it says you have to be at least 18 to do so. Now I don’t want to join this site to gamble, I just want to get experience playing poker, so I was wondering if the must-be-18 rule only applies if you’re planning on gambling? I don’t want to do anything illegal and/or get banned from the site.


admin answers:

If you’re truly only planning on playing for play money, certainly nothing illegal about it. You are breaking the site rules, but since you won’t be cashing out, I doubt they’ll know or really care. The only possible problem is if you actually win something and try and collect – the site probably would require proof of age then and would be fully within their rights to refuse payment when you can’t produce it.

Linda asks…

Where is a good alternative to full tilt poker and pokerstars?

Now that full tilt and pokerstars are closed, and i live in a state where there are no casinos, i need an alternative? i would like a safe site, yet i still want some competition. So does anyone know where the „pros“ are playing now?

admin answers:

Your best bet is Lock Poker. It’s part of the Merge Network. I just created an account and deposited $600 last week through Western Union with no problems, the deposit went through literally in 5-10 minutes. They have a bunch of promotions including Tournament and SNG leaderboards, a 200% first deposit bonus for up to $1200, I’m pretty sure they have a Royal Flush and/or a Bad Beat bonus, etc.
The software isn’t nearly as good as FTP or Stars, but it’s definitely better than not playing at all.

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