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David asks…

Would I have enough room to download onto a laptop?

I play online poker.I don’t have a laptop yet, but my mom does. She has some information in her laptop that she needs. I was thinking about getting my own maybe next year. Do I have enough room to have in my mom’s laptop?

admin answers:

There’s no way to answer that definitively without specific information, such as how big the hard drive is. However, PokerStars software isn’t all that big – unless her laptop is absolutely loaded, it will likely fit.

Donna asks…

is currently free and how do we start playing the free site?

admin answers: is the play money only version of the pokerstars online card room. Just download the .net version, you will be asked to set up an account. All you have to do is come up with a screen name and password, you will then have to click a button that loads up your play money account with 1000 in play chips which you can then take to any of the play money tables. I still recommend downloading the .com version because you can play all the same play money tables but will also be able to play in free tourneys that have real money rewards for finishing high enough.

Helen asks…

How much is it to buy poker chips on

I have an account but it will not let me see the prices… It always says to put a phone number and when I do it says to put it in again…

admin answers:


Maria asks…

How do you refill play chips on

I know you can refill 3 times an hour but how do you do that? Is it only if you completely run out?

admin answers:

When you lose your first 1000 chips you can click on the dealer chips and click on add more chips, they automatically refill your chips for you for an hour

Richard asks…

What does the white star on symbolize?

There is a white star above the player icon for some players. What does it symbolize?

admin answers:

That the player is a .net „free money“ player not a .com „real money“ player and the stars at the bottom right indicate there vip status if they choose to show that.

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