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John asks…

On, why is it that some people have pictures in their circles?

I tried to add one, but it won’t let me. Is there another version or something?

admin answers:

You may need to download to add a picture. The .com software allows you to play for free or play for real money, but you do not nee to. The .net software just allows you to play for free. The .com software has more options, so maybe thats why you can not add a picture. Also the pictures take sometimes up to a week to show up when you add one because support need to approve it.

Sandy asks…

How can I get more chips on

I havent played in months and it says i only have two chips, ive never refilled my chips before and i hear ur supposed to click on the dealer at a table to refill. the add chips button is grayed out?? what else do i do??

admin answers:

I havent played in months… And i had the same problem… Try sitting on a table… And something should come up giving you the option to get more chips… I looked for the button everywhere lol… Then randomly found out buy sitting on a table… Then remember something came up and i clicked refill or something:D

Carol asks…

How does make a profit?

They have a big advertising budget. they give away ten thousand dollar buy ins. they must have quite a few programmers and other employees. I just dont get it. I havent even seen and Ad.

admin answers:

Well, the way they get the money to do so, is through their pay site (, where they both have certain entry fees for tournaments, as well as taking a certain cut off the top of the pot (similar to what a casino would normally do, also called a „rake“ in poker terms)

Joseph asks…

why does still work?

i have heard that both pokerstars and fulltiltpoker are both being indicted on federal charges, but yet when i look up pokerstars.COM and fulltiltpoker.COM, they both have the FBI warning and stuff, but when i go to pokerstars.NET and fulltiltpoker.NET, it still works, see for yourself. is there two separate websites now? whats goin on here?

admin answers:

There was ALWAYS a .com and a .net site.

.net is for play money only. .com was for real or play money.

Really the .com site was replaced with a .eu site

Lisa asks…

How do you make two different accounts on the same internet connection with

admin answers:

Try clearing your cache or use another different web browser. For example. Internet Explorer and Mozill FireFox.

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