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Ruth asks…

why do I only remember the bad poker hands never the good ones?

I seem to get some evil crazy bad hands recently – Ace high flush on flop beaten by small full house on river, etc…
THESE are the hands I remember – I don’t remember when I got lucky with hands in my favour.
Is the same true for you too that you only remember the losses not the wins?
Maybe this is human nature? Maybe our brains are wired this way?

admin answers:

Definitely normal, they even mention that in Rounders. I remember a lot more of my big lost pots than my big wins. My biggest wins in the last 4 weeks, I have no clue, but I can easily rattle off a few losing hands. The wins I remember are the funny or spectacular ones, like a few months ago I flopped the nut straight on a rainbow board, I made a small bet and literally 5 people shoved all-in before the action came back to me! Anything short of that and I’m likely to forget it. Whereas a loss can be a lot less significant and I’ll still remember it.

I prefer it that way though, because it’s more likely that you made a mistake in hand that you lost, than in a hand that you won. And remembering your mistakes is the first step to correcting them.

Sharon asks…

how can I get excel to deal 10 poker hands from a deck of 52 cards?

I want to deal 52 cards into 1 to 10 poker hands. and/or, in an excel column with 52 cells labelled for each card, AH,AS,AC,AD,KH,KS,KC,KD, etc. how can I assign random numbers from 1 to 52 to each cell without duplicating numbers as RANDBETWEEN and RAND commands do, and without doing each of 52 cells separately?

admin answers:

Seperate the cells into bigger space then hold alt and press f4 a bunch of times i had the same problem a couple of years ago

Sandra asks…

How many poker hands consist of 2 cards of one denomination, 2 cards of another (different) denomination….?

how many poker hands consist of 2 cards of one denomination, 2 cards of another (Different) denomination, and 1 card of a third denomination? such a poker hand is called 2 pairs

admin answers:

Your standard bridge deck, 52-card deck, has 13 denominations, ace through king, each denomination having four suits. To find the number of described hands I would follow this canonical process:

First choose the two denominations that will hold the „pairs“ ;
Then Choose the first and second card in the first denomination;
Next choose the first and second card in the second denomination;
Finally choose your fifth card from the remaining cards not of the previous denominations;

There are 78 ways to do the first step (13 Combinations taken 2 at a time), 3 ways for the second and third (4 Combinations taken 2 at a time), and 44 ways for the last (52 minus the four cards of the first denomination and the four of the second denomination).

As such there are (78x3x3x44), or 30,888, distinct ways to create the fore mentioned 5-card hand. Given that there are 2,598,960 different 5-card hands, Two-pair has a surprisingly small probability.

Richard asks…

How can I read Poker hands better?

I just started out in the dealing (Holdem) and have a hard time, for some reason reading hands, probably because people call them out before I can read them. Are there any excercises for this? Or any pointers? I may have dxylexia which doesnt help matter any.

admin answers:

Here is the best advice I can give you in regard to reading hands – Go with your gut!

I have found that if you go with your instincts, most of the time your decision will be the right one. Also, you need to analyze the betting before and after the flop. Pay attention to every hand, even if you are not involved in the pot. Does a player raise before the flop with mainly high cards? Does your opponent raise it up with just about any two cards? By using this information, you can guess what range of hands the player might have.

I will put a player on a range of hands, not just one particular hand. Then I will analyze the betting and may change what I feel he is holding based on these observations.

Your ability to read hands should improve with the more hands you play. It is tough for a beginner to read hands, this will improve over time. It is also much harder to read a hand in Limit Hold’em when compared to No Limit Hold’em.

I suggest that the best approach is to follow your gut feeling. Are you saying to yourself, „I think this guy’s bluffing“ or „I feel I have the best hand right now?“ Most likely, this instinct is correct. Here’s a bit of advice I found to help me out a lot. If you feel a player is on a total bluff, you should not just call his bet. You should raise. Often times, a flat call is the worst option. You are better off raising or folding.

Over time, you should be able to guess hands more frequently. If you go with your gut feeling all the time, you will find that you will have the right idea most of the time. You may even surprise yourself, when your opponent turns over the exact hand you put him on. I have always been amazed by the pro players ability to read hands. Watching these pros, I would often say „How did he guess that he had pocket Tens?“ It seems very difficult to guess an opponents exact two cards. However, if you go with your instincts and practice your reads, you should be able to improve your ability to read hands. Now, it’s not so surprising that my opponent turns over the exact two cards I figured he was holding.

To check out some poker strategy articles that may help your game, check out the link below:

David asks…

What are the different types of hands in Poker?

I want to play poker but only know a few of the different hands in Poker. If you could just tell me all of them and which ones beat the others that would be cool.
Thanks alot everyone.
I need to know this so I can play Texas Hold em and other poker games.

admin answers:

Have a look at the wikipedia or print out this list:

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