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Daniel asks…

How can you see how many chips you have on

admin answers:

Go to the cashier.

Ken asks…

How do you close an account on

admin answers:

E-mail and ask them to close it.

Why would you want to close a play money account?

Sharon asks…

Why when I try to load up does it say that the update failed?

admin answers:

Happened to me too. I just exited and started again and it was ok. Dont know if the updates ever installed but its works away fine now anyway

William asks…

I have a question about

Can someone please tell me how to play with real money? I want to take money off of my bank card and play with real money.

Can someone that has played with real money on help me set up an account?

I already have an account for fake chips can I use this for real chips?

admin answers:

Instead of going to, go to Changing .net to .com means that you are now going to their commercial site, and can gamble with real money (this is true of most online poker sites). You can even use the code STARS600 with your first deposit to get a matching deposit bonus, up to $600.

Good luck!

Nancy asks…

is it possible to play or any other poker site on my PS3? if so, how?

i want to play pokerstars via my playstation 3 and i need to know what is needed to do so

admin answers:

Most of these are downloaded games, I know pokerstars is. You can play poker and things at, test that and see if it works (don’t know if they can run javascript) If that works then search of online poker til you find a poker game without downloading

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