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Steven asks…

Why were Texas Hold ‚Em & other poker websites pulled recently?

I didn’t catch the details when it was featured on NBC news.

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

They were shut down by the FBI as part of their operation on illegal gambling.

The FBI has shut down PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and some smaller sites.

They were allegedly involved in fraud – specifically either using false information to get money through banks to fund on-line gambling, which is illegal in the United States, or bribing some banking institutions to allow poker transactions from US customers.

Whether or not on-line gambling should be illegal is another question, but this is the explanation of why those sites have been shut down.

Donald asks…

Do you still trust UltimateBet for online poker?

After two major scandals this year (…are you still playing at UltimateBet or have you moved to a new site. If so, where?

admin answers:

No. Its very untrustworthy. I stopped gambling on line. I don’t trust any of them any more.

Mark asks…

How do I get English programmes on Zattoo tv, when I live in Spain ?

Downloaded and paid for Zattoo TV and only get Now news, 2 God Channels and Poker in English. Have I been stung ?
Can I cancel my Pay Pal payment ?

admin answers:

I also live in Spain. Near Velez Malaga. We get all the free TV channels (and sky) so why Zattoo TV. Which incidentally I have never heard of.

Carol asks…

What kind of world is this where we hire former spy chasers to catch poker cheaters?

Sounds more like someone in Vegas is paying a debt.
[CNN News 6/22/07]
I might stand corrected again. Boy, you guys are on a roll. Nice.

admin answers:

I think you’ve got it wrong if it’s the ex-FBI agent who was on CNN. He gives poker players lessons on how to „read“ an opponent. In other words he teaches them how to tell if another player is bluffing or has a good hand based on body language. There’s nothing wrong with that. The best poker players win by reading opponents.

Nancy asks…

How come know body no thought about the bonuses before the bailout?

Same thing of when they anounce the online poker ban. I thought it was all over. I can’t find any news saying there are still site that take US players.

admin answers:

Tiny Tim Geithner didn’t do anything about the bonuses, claims he didn’t know about it, and now he is acting outraged. Also, have you noticed Obama and congress acting so outraged and surprised, but today we learn that he signed the very bill that quite clearly made those bonuses legal — the $787 billion stimulus package he had traveled around the nation promoting.
The bill includes restrictions on executive compensation, but creates an exception for bonuses contractually obligated before February 11 of this year. The provision, and the exception, were inserted into the bill by the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Chris Dodd (D, Conn.), who has received more than $100,000 from AIG employees in the last 20 years, had written and inserted the relevant provision, with the relevant loophole.
How can he, the president, or anyone else who voted for the stimulus, suddenly act surprised? Don’t tell us they didn’t read the bill. The presence of this loophole, in black and white, certainly gives the lie to all of this phony outrage — by the senator who created the loophole, by the president who signed it into law, and by everyone else who voted for the stimulus package. O_O

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