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Michael asks…

Problems downloading

When I click to download I it comes up with a box that has the options of open, save, or cancel. In the example download pictures on the website it shows a box with a run setting. So I tried clicking open and even save but it never actually downloads it. when i click open it just runs through and then disapears. Any ideas whats wrong?

admin answers:

What are you trying to download

Robert asks… Buy-in Balance?

On my account has a buy in balance of only 210.00. How can i get it up to play more games>?

admin answers:

??????? Real money or play money???????????real money make a deposit. Play money check the cashier if not do what jessica said then visit the cashier. Keep in mind though you can only draw a set number of play money chips in a predetermined time can also go to tourney section and play in freeroll tourneys where you can win real money without making a deposit.

Lisa asks… questions?

I jjust won $50,000 on should i withdrawl the money or enter in tonight’s $50,000 for the 3 million on sunday.
**i usually win 4 out of 5 games i play online. and ranked the top 20 players there.
real money.

admin answers:

50,000 in real money? Or play chips cause is play money is real money and if you have 50k in real money you better withdrawl that fast!

Linda asks… private table?

is there a way to make a private table with just your friends on it is for play money, not real money.

admin answers:

I’m pretty sure you can private money tournies for $5 + $.50, but not play money…

Try to get you friends to all join the same table.

Steven asks… password for this week?

I would like to know if anyone has the pass word for the tournament 295604354

admin answers:

See the pr152ryn or „metis“.

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