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Mary asks…

Poker rules. After the river with two players. What is the rule?

The situation is that there are 2 players. The first one to act made a bet, and the second one called. No one is taking it upon themselves to show their hands. What is supposed to happen? I had thought that the dealer was supposed to require the first player to show their hand since they initiated action on the last round (they were also first to act anyway). Others have told me that they are to be given the option to show their hand or muck. Are they required to show their hand? I’m not talking about if the player who called requests the hand be shown. I’m just confused about whether the dealer can force them to show (since someone has to show a hand to win the pot)…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

A follow up question. What happens if both players throw their hands into the muck. The rules state that to win a pot in a hand where there was a bet and call after the river, a player mus

admin answers:

The last player to bet (even if it was pre-flop) has to show first. If another player jumps the gun and shows before him he CAN still be forced to show if a player IN THE HAND calls for it.
In regards to your follow up question: it varies by game. In casinos the pot is either split among the last active players (i.e. The two that simultaneously mucked) or split by every person that recieved cards at the start of the hand. The most common is spliting among the last active players.

Ken asks…

What are the rules for a non poker card game called Pass the Trash which a large group can play?

We played this game in St. Louis one time with a large group of people and you passed one card around the table. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

admin answers:

Depends on variatiions. My variation is:

set out three stacks of money (3 one dollar bills, three quarters, three poker chips. Three whatevers)

everyone gets one card per deal(deal is passed,or at least the person with first choice is passed each deal)

a king is flipped up immediately and is a blocker. No one can trade cards with a king.

After that the first person is asked if he wants to keep his card or trade with player number two (assuming #2 has no king). #2 then is asked to change with number three, etc the last person can trade with the top of the deck.

If any of the players has the king (like player #3) player #2 can not pass and is stuck with the card he ends up with

once everyone passes or stays, flip over the cards. The player with the lowest card (or players if there is a tie, and aces are low) puts one stack in the pot.

When a player has nothing left to put in the pot they are out of the game.

The last player with a pile left wins

Maria asks…

According to poker rules, what is the highest hand if two players have royal flushes?

admin answers:

Spades, Hearts, Diamonds then clubs

Susan asks…

What are the basic rules of playing poker?

admin answers:

Check out the basics at the site below.

James asks…

what are the rules about talking at the poker table?

When playing seven card stud are you allowed to help other players with there hands verbally?By telling them which cards they could still get to beat there apponent.

admin answers:

No you can not do so, one of the rules of poker is one player to a hand. The dealer nor anyone at the table is allowed to help you with your hand. In low limit, the dealer will call out possible straights and flushes, but they can’t help with the play of the hand nor can any other players.

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