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Mandy asks…

What are the odds that I could have gotten pregnant?

My husband & I had sex without protection about a week ago but he didn’t come inside me. I’ve heard mixed things about precum…that you can get pregnant from it but the odds are slim. I checked an online fertility calculator & the day we had sex was one of the best days to get pregnant. I hoping for another soon so just wondering if I have a chance! Btw: we already have a 2 1/2 yr old!! 🙂

admin answers:

You have all the chance to get pregnant! Wait for your missed period and wait for another week and observe the pregnancy signs and symptoms and take a pregnancy test. Good luck!

Steven asks…

How do you take the cubic root of a number using a four function basic calculator?

I’m trying to take the third root of 64 in a simple basic calculator. Or how could you raise 64 ^ (1/3) power in this type of calculator?
When I take the fourth root of a number, I press the square root button twice and it seems to do the trick, but I can’t do this with an odd fraction, any ideas? If it’s not possible, how would this be done without a calculator?

admin answers:

This method uses only multiplication and square root buttons after the original number is on the screen (in this case 64)

Press square root button once.
Press multiplication button.

Press square root button twice.
Press multiplication button.

Press square root button four times.
Press multiplication button.

Press square root button eight times.
Press multiplication button.

Press the square root button sixteen times.
Press the multiplication button.

Keep doing this while doubling the amount of times you press the square root button. You stop when the amount after pressing the multiplication button keeps giving the same number

Then, press the square root button one last time. That will be the approximate cube root of your number

Ken asks…

I bet that Denis of Cork would come in 2nd at Belmont Stakes and won. How do I figure out how much I won?

Is there a winnings/odds calculator that can tell me exactly how much I won? I bet $5 and the odds were 12-1.
Denis of Cork was listed as the 12-1 third choice so I am not sure what that means for my winnings.

admin answers:

The odds are irrelevant. You would share all the money in the pot that was bet on that horse placing minus the 15% parimutuel handle.

Ruth asks…

I noticed something really weird on a calculator?

On an old calculator, if you do the following thing, you get an odd result:
add 1
Multiply by 2
Multiply by 8
Divide by 2
And see what it says.

admin answers:

How sophomoric.

Helen asks…

how we can use calculator to odd time work hours, even there are mints?

admin answers:

If your calculator has a mode for adding minutes or degrees, like the Casio FX115, then you can just go into that mode of input. If not, then you will have to enter the minutes as fractions with a denominator of 60.

If you are lucky then you will have a fraction mode for your calculator. If not, then you will need to take the fractional part of your answer and multiply it by 60 to find out how many minutes there had been.

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