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John asks…

What are some good 2 or 3 card / casino type poker games?

I know the standard 3 card, but how bout some other variations or wild card games for 2, 3 card or Casino type games? The player should not get more or work with more than 3 cards (in hand or community combined) Betting will be involved.

admin answers:

Single deck blackjack. Card counting is pretty easy… Thats all i play.

Paul asks…

How do i get the poker and blackjack games on Harvest Moon?

Ok i have all the gambling sprites on harvest moon but all 3 want me to play the matching game. My friend says they do black jack and poker. How do i make them do that??

admin answers:

You have a European copy of HM:DS. The poker and blackjack games where censored out of that version.

If you can get a copy of the US version, the games are intact there. It should run on a European DS.

Joseph asks…

Las Vegas and Reno residents about poker games question?

Where is there a place in either town that you can play poker at a decent buy in table price. Preferably Texas hold em!

admin answers:

Any casino will welcome your business.

Richard asks…

Where can i download good poker games that i aslo can play offline?

admin answers:

It’s a poker MMO (bet real or fake money) that can also be played offline. You can customize your character, pick coin/card tricks and other junk.

Maria asks…

how can we find poker games (no limit Texas hold em) all over the world?

We want to travel and play poker every where we go. How do we find games in other countries where we don’t speak the language? Is there a poker tour? Any ideas out there?

admin answers:

The site below has information on casinos in the United States, Canada and a page just for Las Vegas.

On the home page half way down on the left it says „live poker“.

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