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Jenny asks…

How can someone find a personal poker sponsor?

I am an aspiring poker player. I have to find a sponsor, because I don’t have enough money to play. I am very good, but I’m smart enough to know what I can and can’t do with the limited money. Does anyone have any suggestions?

admin answers:

You will probably have to do it like I done it. Just keep a job and build your bankroll a little at a time until you make it. That’s probably the best way anyway. You don’t wanna have to worry about giving your sponsor a cut or losing his money. You wanna play poker as stress free as possible. You can also play games that don’t require much of a bankroll. Heads up tournaments online for example. Sit and Go tournaments don’t require much of a bankroll either.

Conact me, we’ll talk.

Mark asks…

What ideas could i use the game of strip poker with out the poker?

Im looking for fun ways to play strip with my GF. But none of us know how to play poker… Any Good ideas that would be fair for both of us?

admin answers:

Come on, man – have some imagination!

Just take out ANY game from the closet and make some creative adjustments! Monopoly, Life, Chutes & Ladders – ANYTHING.

Just use some imagination, man!

Robert asks…

What is the best way to deposit into a poker site?

I have been playing poker offline for a long time and always been good at it so I am going to deposit some cash into a poker site but there are soo many different deposit methods Im not sure which one I should use.

Any suggestions?

admin answers: should answer all of your questions.

Charles asks…

What is the best kind of poker table for home for 10 players?

Small party at house. I already have a large dining room table and can cover with green felt. The guys are playing regular poker. Any ideas?

admin answers:

Actually round tables are probably best. If you have an oval poker table like you see on TV it can be difficult to use unless you have a person who is willing to deal the whole time. Oval tables are tricky to use if you rotate the deal, because at some point someone on the very end is trying to deal the cards to the opposite end of the table.

You might want to look on eBay. There was some guy making felt covers with an elasticated underside that cling to regular tables to make a poker table. Or consider a table topper.

Joseph asks…

I want to start playing online poker on Partypoker how much money should I put on my account to start?

I am a big poker player and want to start playing for some money online. It will be my first time playing for cash online and i am just wondering what amount of money i should expect to start with to get my on my feet.

admin answers:

My brother love to play poker at

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