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Mandy asks…

Where can i buy a good home poker table?

I would like it less than 350$, so I dont need a really really nice one. Maybe to seat 5-7 people? Green felt, maybe spaces for our chips? Any one know a site that sells somewhat cheap poker tables?

Im having a birthday part in 30 days, Im a huge poker player and so are most of my friends, so thats going to be the theme of my party. Anyone have any ideas how to have a fun themed poker party?

admin answers:

Amazon actually has quite a few.

They have everything from a folding table, table topper right down to some cloth you can stretch over an existing table.

Carol asks…

Is it possible to play Poker for life and win consistently?

Can someone play Poker for life and win consistently, without loosing alot of money? Can someone win even though there is a house advantage? Has anyone done this before in Poker?

admin answers:

Yes poker is different than games like Blackjack. There is no house advantage. There are many examples of people who have earned a lot of money playing poker in their lives. However, many of them have lost their fortunes a few times over during their lifetimes. Look at Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Phil Helmuth, Doyle Brunson, etc.

Chris asks…

How many poker chips are needed to play?

I saw a vintage poker set that I thought would make a great gift for my boyfriend. The set only has 176 chips though, is that too little to actually play with?

admin answers:

Good answer from Alexander. I would just add one thing – Where did you find this „vintage“ set? 176 chips sounds like it’s an incomplete set. I don’t think you should get it if it’s a big case that’s only 1/4 filled with chips. For the same amount of money, you can probably get him a full set of relatively cheap „Made in China“ set. The ones they sell at Walmart aren’t too bad.

Betty asks…

What it takes to start a career playing poker?

As a 17 year old in high school, I’ve played a lot of home games with my friends. I watched a lot of poker on television and am in love with the game. Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think is required in order to start playing professionally?

admin answers:

Will go with „Jon Jonson“ you need to have a good knowledge of poker gaming. You can’t say that just knowing a little about poker game makes you a good poker player. You need to have a good common sense.
First of all you have to wait for being of proper age for playing poker game. At 17 you wont be allowed to play at any casino. So that much time yo can devote for learning about poker game. You can’t say at anytime that you are good at poker. Review on Wikipedia about poker and can also find some good website about poker game having good content about poker game like this one
or if you already got any better website then you may go for it. Till then you can also try your gaming at fultilt and pokerstars for their .NET domains as a practice purpose for the game as these website provide free poker gaming.

Richard asks…

How can I make a poker party fun for the ladies too?

I am having a poker birthday party for my husband. We are inviting couples, and I want to make the party fun for everyone. What can I do with the ladies who do not want to play poker? Any fun/interesting ideas?

admin answers:

Make it strip poker, always a fun time.

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