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Ruth asks…

How can i receive rakeback on ultimate bet poker?

I have an existing UB account and i only just realized that they do not offer rakeback. Is there a way to get it through using absolute poker which is the same site? Am i even allowed to have a UB account and an AP account?

admin answers:

There are plenty of other sites that offer rakeback. Are you aware of the most recent security issues at Ultimate Bet / Absolute? (Watch this Youtube Video you will see what I mean)

I don’t know why anyone would play for these guys. They have definitely proven over the years not to be one of the quality poker sites out there. If you are looking for some other rakeback deals here are some other options:

Carol asks…

What is the best way to fund online poker so I can be a professional player?

I have been trying to figure out how to fund online poker for a long time and I cant seem to figure it out. I have Bank of America and I have tried to fund it by credit card and that didnt work. Also I have tried echeck and that didnt work either. So how does everyone else do it? Has anything changed since the law that was passed in 2006?

admin answers:

Most sites will work hard with you to find a way for you to get your money to them. Just ask support. If one thing doesn’t work, they’ll help you find another.

I use e-check on one site. A wallet place for another. The other places I play, well, I haven’t needed to make any deposits for some years. I’m sad that I even know how to make a deposit anywhere. It means I am not good enough at the site where I play most often. Sigh. Good thing I love poker.

That you can’t figure this simple thing out bodes poorly for your future in poker. Many successful pros are nearly geniuses.

It’s usually a long way from first deposit to being able to be good enough to go pro. Unless you are the sort of pro who lives in his parents‘ basement and pays no rent.

George asks…

How do taxes work for winnings from online poker/gambling sites based outside the US?

If you win $50,000+ from an online poker/gambling site based outside the US, is there any way to cash out the money without having to pay taxes? If not, can someone explain how taxes would work?

admin answers:

You may want to contact a tax specialist or CPA, but my understanding is that since online gambling is illegal your only option for taxes is to report it under „other income earned“ on a tax form. It’s like a catch 22 since it’s illegal earnings, but yet the government also wants to tax those illegal earnings. I’ve heard advice of getting an account with an offshore bank and taking out cash from an ATM so that it’s not as tracable if you were audited. You might lose a % with fees and such, but your best bet may be to keep it in cash so there aren’t as many paper trails to follow. If you do end up paying taxes on it you would pay in the high bracket like a lottery winner, upwards of 35% I believe.

My advice, if you’re really making that kind of money you’re either good or lucky. In either case look into a trip to Vegas and keep everything legal so you can enjoy your winnings to the fullest without worrying about the FBI knocking down your door.

Charles asks…

How can I get passwords for all the private on line poker tournaments?

Is there a website that list passwords for tourneys from many poker forums?
Does someone who is involved in a lot of poker forums want to become my friend?
Anyone have any advice?

admin answers:

By advice do you mean poker advice? If so you can contact me on my site. For any poker needs, tips, advice, strategy.

Take care,

Chris asks…

What would you recommend as a excellent online poker book?

Preferably something that I can find online, I’ve found most of the tips offered on sites but i’m looking for a good in depth read covering all aspects of the online poker world. SnG, MTT, Cash tables etc.

admin answers:

For tournanments I’ve been reading Harrington on Hold ‚Em, it’s the best tournament book I’ve read.

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