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Laura asks…

how do i cancel my account for

admin answers:

Email and tell them to close the account. Or simply don’t play there any more. It’s just a play money web site, why do you need to close the account anyway?

John asks…

anyone have trouble with checks?

check I received from e-commerce payment solutions was stamped non-negotiable

admin answers:

Stars checks have issues from time to time as banks decide not to accept payment from certain processors. Generally speaking just contact Stars support and you’ll get refunded or a check reissued along with some compensation for the inconvenience. Also, you might try opening an account at a smaller bank branch or a credit union. They are far more likely to hassle you about checks from third party processors.

Steven asks… help .?

how can i tell how many chips i have

admin answers:

Go to any table and click on an open seat it should tell you how much you have and it will ask how much you wanna buy in for

Sandra asks…

Are and safe?

Are and safe? Which is better?

admin answers:

Look at Siteadvisor :-

1) Pokerstars –

2) –
Both are good. But, has comments, so it should be little better.

Still, if you have never visited the site, you should be careful!

Lisa asks…

Is free?

When you make you account it says you must be 18 years or older to play incase you have to make a deposit.
Can you play for free? Are there certain tables that you play for money? Please inform.

admin answers: is free and will not allow you to play for real money. is where you can deposit and play for real money. Both are free to download. is essentially just a „play money portion“ of Both will have certain play money tables for all the games (holdem, stud, omaha, etc). You do however „need“ to be 18 in case you plan on depositing and playing for real money in the future.

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