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Mandy asks…

How difficult is it to host a Charity poker event in Ohio?

I am not sure what I have to do. I want to have a 50/50 thing going on with it. 50 percent going to charity, 50 percent going to the prize pool. Do I have a lot of stuff to go through to get this going. I also want to know if it would be ok to have a 50/50 (again same payouts as the poker game), beverages, food, and alcohol (all profit proceeds going to the charity) and maybe some other side games. Is this possible in Ohio.

admin answers:

It is not particularly difficult, but it does take some time and effort to learn about the laws and regulations.

You can start with the brochure at

You can get additional information at

William asks…

What are some good tips for bluffing in poker?

I seem to get caught bluffing a lot in poker. I’m trying to improve my bluffing
so I don’t get caught as much. Is this possible?

admin answers:

Don’t do it. Most good players aren’t bluffing all that much. When you see a pro ‚bluffing‘ on TV, he’s really not. He’s picked up on a weakness and he’s just betting to make the other guy back down.

Susan asks…

What are the tax implications of winning online poker?

If I were to win say, $100,000 playing online poker, I know the government wants to tax me on that. What happens if I don’t withdraw the money from my account? Do I pay taxes on it? What if I withraw just a little bit at a time over several years, do I have to report it?
I am in the U.S (Virginia), by the way.

admin answers:

This is income from gambling. You must report it and you will be taxed accordingly. It doesn’t matter how you withdraw it. You will receive a W2-G which will how your winnings and that must be put on your Form 1040. If you had any LOSSES, you can deduct that, but only up to the amount of your winnings. So if you lost $1000 you can deduct $1000. But if you lost $105,000 you can only deduct $100,000.

Richard asks…

Can children sit at a poker table in a licenced venue?

In a licenced pub/club etc, the area in which poker is played is areas where children are allowed. No money is charged to play and the chips have no monetary value. Can a one year old sit in my arms while I play if the venue doesn’t have a problem or the other players? Can anyone point me to the law or a ruling on this in the poker leagues etc?

admin answers:

In most actual gambling venues, the gaming boards strictly outlaw underage children anywhere on the gambling floor unless simply passing thru on their way to a restaurant or the like. In your situation, less clear-cut since no actual gambling of valued chips is taking place…probably would come down to the individual venue’s rules.

Sandra asks…

What are some unique tips for decorating a poker room?

Other than the standard green color, what are some paint colors and decorating themes I could use in my poker room?

admin answers:

A lot depends on the size of the room. If it’s a small room, I wouldn’t go with a dark color on the walls. It will make the room seem even smaller. You can use a dark color on one wall for an accent wall and maybe paint a mural of a winning hand (like a royal flush) on that wall to break up the dark color.

If you have a poker table, try using the color of the felt for your accent color. I’ve seen them in various colors.

Try for accents for your walls. (or at least get some ideas for them)

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