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Donna asks… (free?)?

When you run out of points, does it cost you anything in anyway to get more? My main concern is that the site bills you in some way, shape, or form. I guess you can say i’m paranoid.

admin answers:

On Poker Stars .net or .com you get $1,000 in play money. You can reload up to three times per hour (getting another $1,000 each time). There is never a charge of any kind for this service.

The site hopes that you will come to like them and trust them enough such that when you decide to gamble for real money you will think of them.

Poker Stars is the largest of all the poker web sites, based in the Isle of Man just off the coast of England. They are completely legit and you don’t have to worry about them.

Carol asks…

Is better than

admin answers:

BOth sites are equal + you compare the free version of the sites which lack a lot of features that are in the money versions.

James asks…

is really free?

is it fun and free of spyware and such?

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Helen asks…

Whats the password for freeroll 11/7/2010?

admin answers:


Maria asks…

why cant i visit

admin answers:

The best site for poker is VIP, you get $101 for free, a %100 bonus up to $750, and entry into a $1500.00 freeroll tournament. The main reason they are the best is their software detects bots and collusion so you can be sure you’re not being scammed! They do offer „play“ money games for prizes as well. Click the link below for free daily poker tips and information, and you can also link to VIPpoker from there.

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