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Charles asks…

What is the easiest way to remember my poker hand rankings?

Hello. I am a beginner poker player trying to memorize all of my hand rankings but I find it hard to. Is there like a trick to memorizing them. For example, the order of opearations. I memorized them by saying please excuse my dear aunt sally when I was a kid.

admin answers:

I dunno…Try this:

Super fine fornicators fully housed and flushed straight trees with two pairs of Juan’s parents.

Super fine – Straight Flush
fornicators – Four of a Kind
fully housed – Full House
and flushed – Flush
straight – Straight
trees – Three of a Kind
with two pairs – Two Pair
of Juan’s parents – One Pair

You can also practice at Full Tilt:

By the way, I was told it was „Please exhume my dead aunt Sue“ (exhume = dig up from the grave)

Sandy asks…

do you have to report online poker earnings to the IRS?

Do you have to report your earnings from playing poker online to the IRS on your taxes?

If so, is there a designated amount that doesn’t need to be reported – and everything above that does?

If it matters by state – I am curious about California.

Also, the way the monies are received from the poker site are via check.

admin answers:

Unless your TOTAL income is low enough that you are not required to file, you are legally required to report ALL income. Even if you only make $0.01 form a given source, that penny is supposed to be reported. On-line gabling is not legal in the US, but illegal income is taxable. On-line losses are NOT deductible against winnings because illegal expenses are specifically not deductible.

Judy is correct about losses from LEGAL gambling being an itemized deduction against gambling winnings. Losses from ILLEGAL gambling are not deductible. ALL on-line gambling is illegal under US Federal law.

Susan asks…

What kind of poker psychology do you use at the table?

I’ve heard people say they like to act friendly and courteous to everyone at the table so that a) people will assume they are chumps and try to take advantage of them and b) people will be less inclined to try to bust them from the table. I’ve also heard people take the „poker brat“ approach and try to antagonize other players at the table so that they WILL try to take shots at them. What’s your approach?

admin answers:

Being friendly is good because people dont want to bust you as much.

To me the most important thing though, is to get a good image. If you play TAG bluff a little more and people will respect it. If you are LAG and you have the nuts bet with it. Dont slowplay (if you check then people will know something is up)

Another good method which is used primarily to mix up your play is to raise with trash hands(58, 25) once in a while. If you flop a strong hand like a boat you can put your oppenent on tilt. But do it rarely.

You could also be like phil hellmuth but people will want to bust you more. The pay offs though is that if you have a good hand you will probaly get more value from it because as i said people will want to take your money so they will call.

John asks…


What is the best offline poker game???
i don’t want anything tht needs internet connection!!!
just for fun

admin answers:

I don’t like going to a game without knowing at least one other person there. If you can’t go to a friendly home game, go to a casino.

Lizzie asks…


i want to play poker can someone exsplain how 2?

admin answers:

I would suggest you do a search online for poker, but there are many variations – hold-em is currently the most popular. Read up on the basic rules for the types of games and then download some free games to practice playing. You could also download pokerstars or ultimatebet or one of the many others and play in the play money games they offer. The best way to learn is to actually play, reading will help but it is no replacement for the real thing.

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